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Joe Kieran has found that unearthing the truth for a newspaper can be painful and telling it heartbreaking Hiding from his past big city exposés in the uiet coastal town of Terrel he stumbles upon a web of mysterious teen suicides that somehow connect a ring of five women Is there really a malevolent presence inside Terrel Cliff that holds all of the town in thrall as Angelica a fortune teller suggests? Or is there a murderous covenant between five women to sacrifice their first born? When Angelica is kidnapped right under his nose Joe suspects that there is at work in Terrel than a dark tragic streakDeep beneath the remains of a long demolished lighthouse on its tragic cliff Joe discovers Terrel's secret history and salvation And in his desperate bid to save two women he forges a new covenant one that puts his own soul in deadly danger

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    reporter moves to small town and comes across a rash of suicides are they actually suicides? is there some supernatural presence lurking at the cliff that is the site of those deaths? and is there some sort of shadowy cabal that has formed a pact a covenant with that supernatural presence?I guess I'm ok with reading a graphic rape scene in a horror novel or at least I don't get so horrified and upset that it becomes hard to continue reading like I do when coming across a graphic scene of child murder or abuse I wonder why that is how I can be okay with one thing but not the other like I am prioritizing atrocities so yeah I can deal with an explicit rape scene in a horror novel sure but to have to read one incredibly horrific rape scene and then not much later read another even horrific rape scene that takes place 18 or so years later to the same character? why why why it just seems so gratuitous so cruel just to be cruel ugh grossthe protagonist is almost ridiculously unappealing it appears as if he is intended to be some sort of Everyman but I doubt every man in his mid 20s would think that it is alright to repeatedly ply an 18 year old with booze in the service of his ueasy crush on her ugh gross there is also the basic illogic of his backstory reporter blows whistle on corruption specifically singling out his own girlfriend er conflict of interest much? I doubt any big leagues newspaper would allow this the author seems unaware of how lame repulsive and unrealistic this guy isthe villain talks like the sort of demonic super villain that a 14 year old would think up actually the villain sounds just like a demonic 14 year old this is some ageless supernatural menace? I think notand the writing is often abominable He could almost taste the scent of death in the air It stank of the bloody tang of brine and betrayal there is so much that is wrong with those two sentences that I don't even know where to start and there's much much where that came from ugh gross prose that's the worst

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    This was a pretty good book as it revolves around a town called Terrel Point There are some legends that need to be left buried in Terrel Point The legend becomes unearthed when a reporter Joe who has come to the area starts digging around into the past and finds that there have been suicides that have taken place in the town But that is not the only thing he digs up as there is also a demonic presence that has buried itself into Terrel Point The Joe delves into the secrets of the town the he is turned away from the residents as they do not want him digging too deep as he might find something that they do not want the world to know The book gains momentum as I became move involved in the story This book is not for the faint of heart as it delves deep into the core of gory sexual violence along with some creepy twisted horror This is the first time I have read this author and I am looking forward to finishing the rest of this series Four stars for this one

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    45 StarsVery enjoyable

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    Classic small town horror meets splatterpunk sex gore in this page turning debut of author John EversonNot for the feint of heart at all and I think it was far better if the mistery developed together with Joe's investigations instead of being revealed just after a few chapters but I enjoyed the ride and devoured in a final session last 100 pagesNot bad at all for a first novel

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    Well after reading three; 5 star reads by Eversonthis one didn't make the mark for me NOPESo this book started out really interesting and I thought it was just going to get creepier and creepier when I started to uncover the suicides of teenagers either on the same day in Spring or on Halloween The way Everson descirbes visceral scenes of finding a young boys body that is discovered 'speared through his chest' with 2 feet of ocean rockso well written it just did not keep up these kinds of scenes which is what has really made me love this man's writing When he does HORROR he makes you look over your shoulder or get up and to turn a light on 'Covenant' never gets there It really had it's potential to be one hell of a scary book but it took the yellow brick road to the local porno shop downtown I went into this book last night only knowing that this was Everson's very first book and it had won the Bram Stoker award for first horror novel I dont mind graphic sexual scenes in horror when it has to do with the story line as it was in books like 'The Entity' and others however in this it just took over wayyyyyyy too much of the story line of 5 pretty stupid women who pay their dues to a demon that lives in the cliffs and caves of Terrell Point in the small town of Terrell This book took the path of actually being of a pornographic thriller and mystery than horror at all I didnt even think it was a horror tale as Everson's other 3 that I jsut read were Now those were 5 star HORROR novels This book went downhill for me about a third into it when I started to not care about what happened to Joe Angeliue or any others in this town of Ill Repute Sorry I guess there was just too many 'swollen vulva's dripping with sexual fluids' I would recommend this to a very HORNY 15 year old boy who is still a virgin Believe me he will know how to masturbate by the time he finishes this one WARNING; THIS HAD SOME OF THE MOST SEXUALLY GRAPHIC SCENES OF SELF PLEASURE I HAVE EVER READ IF YOU DONT LIKE VIOLENT AND GORY SCENES OF RAPE STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE

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    A covenant is an agreement between two parties to either do or not do something If the word covenant sounds old and slightly sinister you're starting to get a feel of where the story is goingJoe is a young newspaper reporter that is escaping heartbreak and loss from the mean streets of Chicago and moves to the small coastal hamlet of Terrel For a reporter Terrel is pretty mundane and boring There are no real stories to sink your teeth into So when he gets wind that a local teenager took a swan dive from the top of the cliff overlooking the ocean Joe is all about finding out what happened When he discovers that people have been offing themselves from this spot since there was lighthouse perched up there a 100 years ago Joe smells a story that gets his juices flowing The problem is no one is talking The sheriff and his editor want him to leave the story alone Not one of the victim's parents will say a word and treat him like he's a disease What is going on here?Covenant won a Bram Stoker Award for First Novel for Everson and you can see shades of why At times the writing and story reminds me somewhat of Charles L Grant That's a good thing But there are times when the marriage between old school eerieness and splatterpunk rape scenes don't seem to mesh all that well Why many of the characters let themselves get into the covenant in the first place isn't entirely convincing And you'll want to scream at the top of your lungs when it appears Joe has all the answers in the book he eventually holds in his hands and then acts as if he can't be bothered to read it So yes there are some warts But overall Covenant is a pretty good offering by Everson that shows tell tale signs that it is his first novel3 12 horny demons out of 5You can also follow my reviews at the following links

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    Small town Big secretsThe narration started a big sketchy for me but I settled into it and it was very good Entertaining and somewhat predictable with plenty of sex and violence to keep it going

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    Review to come

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    This was an interesting and fun reading I say this because of all the reviews I saw here that this book was sex all the way Well it was not that sex involved Well it had sex A good horror story movie or book has a sex seen This one had than mostIt has rape scenes so to the faint of heart bewareThis novel deals with a reporter that after making a harsh decision leaves the city and goes working in a local newspaper where no big news will be presented until a serie of suicides draws his attention Then the same thing happens as other horror novels The town people warns that he must stay way but he Joe Kieran wants to investigateIt seems the town have a personal daemon that draws every year a victim usually from outside town but it seems that now it's taking some children from the very town It's uite interesting the tale and the supernatural it's excelentFor some time you wonder if this is another scooby doo tale where there isn't any supernatural involved but it starts talking with each character Interesting is that this daemon is uite powerful even capable of using the body of several people at a timeThe rape scenes as I said are almost and handful and it helps the plot First with Angelica with Kieran then Angelica when she tried to leave town then with Cindy then the all bunch of six girls and in the end a couple occasions I enjoyed the supernatural as I before and it had a backstory behind that help a lot the flow of the story The ending leaves an opening to a seuel and I will buy it somedayWith less than 300 pages is a fast paced book that will leave you satisfied if you like this type of horror

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    I loved for a while it was good and a little haunting but about midway through I wanted to stop because it went downhill First there was one sex scene then again and then the rape scenes began first between two chars then an orgy with one character fatally injured all of this in great detail The back half of this book is filled with useless sex scenes graphic and disgusting rape scene in gory repetition The ending is a graphic highly detailed rape scene with most of the main charters involvedI'm not in no way against sex scenes but this is repetitive pointless and at times very sickening It's a deranged serial rapists fantasy Or maybe that was the point I'm going to go throw up now Whoever gave this book an award is on crack I am saddened that I bought this book let alone read it