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Originally published in 1996 and newly revised Conspicuous Criticism is a ringing defense of the need for religion and tradition in contemporary society Writing with moral passion and critical verve Christopher Shannon offers a convincing indictment of the forces that isolate the individual in modern capitalist society and counters than a century of efforts by modern intellectuals­ to displace tradition in favor of a humanism that actually diminishes humanity in the name of freeing its potential Featuring in depth analyses of the works of John Dewey Thorstein Veblen C Wright Mills and others Conspicuous Criticism is a call to reinstate traditional relations to God nature and the common good Scholars in fields from American studies to intellectual history will be forced to grapple with Shannon’s trenchant critiue which is well on its way to becoming a classic of Christian thought “ Conspicuous Criticism inspired a concern about the modern world that in the years since I’ve not been able to brush aside”—Eric Miller First Things

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