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I really think Wonka needs to stick with his Chocolate FactoryMaybe it s just mebut this one just didn t have the same spark as Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryHooray said the Chief of the Army Let s blow everyone up Bang bang Bang bangWe last left Charlie and his family soaring up into the sky in the great glass elevator They re about to start their next big adventure, with their feet firmly planted in the sky.Physics aside, the Bucket Family and Willy Wonka putter around rather amusingly until they spot a space station hotel My Great Glass Elevator is ready for anything In we go Into the breach, dear friends, into the breachThe moment they set foot into the station, all heck breaks loose I didn t know where to look Between Charlie, Mr Wonka, his parents and all four of his grandparents, there was surely enough misadventures to keep even the most restless of children entertained A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men, Mr Wonka said. Overall, this was an interesting one I certainly couldn t have predicted where this was going but was pleasantly surprised by the ending That being said, I was really disappointed that this one was so paled so much in comparison with the first novel There was no naughty kids getting their just deserts, there weren t any creepily cheerful Oompa Loompa songs and most importantly hardly any chocolate factory.I don t think I ll be going for a reread any time soon.Audiobook CommentsReally enjoyed all of the inflections and tones Certainly made this one fun to listen to Douglas Hodge certainly knew what he was doing when he read this one Blog Instagram Twitter Neo s class has been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which led us to watching both versions of the film When he learned of this sequel, he wanted us to give it a try Not one he highly recommends, but here is a slightly updated version of my original review After the hair raising adventure that Charlie Bucket underwent in the opening novel, Dahl is ready to entertain young readers again When last we spoke of Charlie, he was loading his entire family into the glass elevator from his newly acquired chocolate factory With Willy Wonka and Grandpa Joe helping at the controls, Charlie welcomes Mr and Mrs Bucket, Grandpa George, and Grandmas Josephine and Georgina into the machine before it blasted off Heading up, up, up into the sky, Wonka explains the wonders of his machine, which can go in any direction and into any room whatsoever Wonka is eager to show off the elevator s prowess, blasting it into space, where the group is spotted by a US rocket ship full of astronauts Reporting back to the White House, these astronauts speak about the peculiar nature of the unidentified ship in front of them The President of the United States is sure they are astronaut spies that cannot be trusted, even from afar As Wonka and Charlie dock the elevator onto the International Space Hotel USA, drama ensues when an extra terrestrial being is seen wandering around Knowing much about space and its inhabitants, Wonka helps protect the aforementioned US ship and the containment pod carrying workers for the hotel, before blasting back towards earth Upon arrival back at the factory, Wonka seeks to enliven Charlie s grandparents, in hopes that they will get out of bed and help run the factory Stubborn and old, George, Georgina, and Josephine refuse, but are subject to a product that Willy Wonka has been using inside the factory walls a pill that can reverse the aging process When the three greedy grandparents take matters into their own hands, Wonka must use another product, with the opposite effect, to calibrate their ages again Just as Charlie thinks the drama might be done, there comes a special letter from Washington, with another round of adventures for everyone to enjoy Dahl s creative juices were surely flowing and shall never be bottled as he creates fun for the young and those who feel it in the bones.While not as crafty as the first Charlie Bucket story, Dahl brings readers into the fold with another outlandish tale that pushes the limits of the imagination That said, it does clip along nicely and utilises some of the minor characters from the opening tale grandparents in a hands on role, which is sure to pique the interest of the reader Dahl chooses to focus on the action adventure in this book than the slowly evolving adventure that touches the heart, which I did not care for as much, but still remain happy to see how things developed The novel poses fewer themes and lessons than pure, silly entertainment for the reader I can see what this was never picked up for a movie to the best of my knowledge , but can only hope that if it is, Johnny Depp is kept away from the project, as he left a new generation with a sour taste in their mouths that no Oompa Loompa could fix While the ending does leave room for adventures and the characters could make for an interesting mix within the factory walls, the passing of Roald Dahl in 1990 has made that a natural impossibility But, with a score of other novels for children to explore, there is hope that the new generation will look back to what entertained their parents and grandparents, finding richness in stores that did not require vampires, wizards, or even Middle School.Kudos, Mr Dahl for touching so many lives across the generations with simple ideas that flourish into magic.Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Preflight Announcement Good day, ladies and gentlemen Welcome aboard Wonka Air Flight SOS 911, a non stop Glass Elevator service from The Chocolate Factory to the Space Hotel USA We are currently the first in line for take off and most likely, we ll be the only one We are expected to punch through the Factory s roof in approximately 5 minutes We suggest that you keep your nightshirts, knickers, dentures, other personal belongings fastened and your emesis bags close throughout the flight, as we may expect atmospheric turbulence, symptomatic migraines, and extreme motion sickness For that, we do apologise in advance We ask that your seats and tables if there is one be in their full upright position prior take off Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the aircraft including the lavatories if ever present for the entire duration of the flight So, hold your horses Grab your gizzards and pray that you arrive in one piece If there is anything we can do to make your flight enjoyable, let us know and thank you for choosing Wonka Air Captain s Announcement Dear passengers, this is your captain speaking First, I d like to welcome the following people onboard Wonka Air Flight SOS 911 Charlie Bucket, Mr and Mrs Bucket, Grandma Josephine, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Georgina and Grandpa George We are currently cruising at an immense altitude of 1,261,154,400 feet at an airspeed of 17,000 miles an hour Please be reminded that I won t be able to determine the weather conditions as of this moment for we are travelling at a blinding speed, however, fear not of being roasted to a crisp or frizzled to a fritter For our flight isair conditioned, ventilated, aerated and automatedas well asshockproof, waterproof, bombproof, bulletproof and KnidproofHelp yourselves to some scrumdiddlyumptious food as we have a non existent cabin crew We also don t need any in flight movie and we are currently experiencing a horrifying one through our see through aircraft behold the Vermicious Knid and its victims aboard the Transport Capsule Will they survive That is the question And now as your captain, it is my personal responsibility to ensure your safety lest we ll be lixivated by the colossal Knid Should you decide to board this flight, be wary that this intergalactic expedition isn t what you might expect it to be You may want to refer to other passenger s reviews about this flight The tailwind clearly wasn t on its side and apparently lost its spark and magic halfway through its journey Before deplaning, kindly check around your seat for any personal belongings you might have brought on board including your sanity On behalf of Wonka Air and the entire non existent crew, I would like to thank you for joining us on this trip We are absolutely, definitely looking forward to seeing you again in the near future Have a pleasant day End Announcement As we last seen the mighty, marvelous, wizard , Willy Wonka and his sidekick Charlie floating high in the sky, blue in color if you are curious, what else in the stupendous the Great Glass Elevator of the previous book, we wonder where in the world are they going Not exactly there, someplace better for certain, but first, on board the magical contraption are of courseWillyCharlie the boy s parents Mr.and Mrs Bucket not important enough to be given their proper names and the four aged grandparents of the kid, the duo and the machine, had picked upStill in the beloved ancient bed, pardon me, old Grandpa Joe is walking, sauntering in truth and has left his friends Getting back to the adventure Wonka says he needs to travel to outer space and gain tremendous speed in the descent, to punch a large hole in his chocolate factory s roof in order to reenter the building, seems very extreme and a little dangerous the old, grumpy folks feel, they like the calm, peaceful atmosphere none hereand quite expensive I think to repair, however it s his edifice Yet Mr Willy Wonka makes Edison look like an amateur inventor next to him, this man or is he Has everything needed for survival, let us continue this gentleman s escapades, he knows it all, Charlie believesnever gets nervous in a tight situation, unflappable always as they, the others scream in terror at the sight of thousands of evil Vermicious Knids trying to crush them, hundreds of miles above in Earth orbit What you don t know what these creatures are Shame on you, I take that back, few people dopicture a large egg with two menacing looking eyes , who later transform themselves into even bigger, uglier snakes This silly misunderstanding occurred because the people from the glass elevator wanted to be the first guests in the brand new glorious Space Hotel, these aliens from a planet millions of light years away got there before, unwelcome though since not one is paying a dime, for accommodations, to be fair, the same applies equally, to the beings from the chocolate factory, however Mr Wonka has plenty of money, he is definitely not a gatecrasher he says and will pay all expenses incurred The real guests are being brought up by American astronauts and the hotel staff also, over 140 total, imagine the shock seeing Willy and Co and these things floating around in unhealthy space battling each other, now the snakes, trying to kill both groups, the new visitors, are not amused or believers for a while.yet will be soonHouston thinks they the astronauts , have gone completely nuts describing the action, as the undaunted Willy Wonka fights back, additionally the old, petrified people inside the glass elevator, help if possible I trust the heroes will get on solid ground in a short time, but this is debatableA good sequel to the classic book , well worth the trouble to read for the young at heart And those a tiny bit older all are welcomed without a doubt too. Charlie And The Chocolate FactoryIMDb Thankfully Tim Burton Has Rebounded Back With His Retelling Of Roald Dahl S Charlie And The Chocolate Factory A Burton Speciality, Charlie Is Charlie And The Numbers Full Episodes HD Charlie And The Numbers Full Episodes HD BabyTVPartSubscribe To Fizzy Lynx Here Charlie And The Numbers FullCharlie Et La Chocolaterie FilmAlloCin Charlie Est Un Enfant Issu D Une Famille Pauvre Travaillant Pour Subvenir Aux Besoins Des Siens, Il Doit Conomiser Chaque Penny, Et Ne Peut S Offrir Les Friandises Dont Raffolent Les Enfants DeCharlie And The Chocolate Factory The New MusicalSee Willy Wonka In The National Tour Of Roald Dahl S Charlie And The Chocolate Factory The New Musical Get Charlie Tour Tickets Today Charlie Et La Chocolaterie Film,Wikipdia Charlie Et La Chocolaterie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Est Un Film Amricain Ralis Par Tim Burton, Sorti EnC Est Une Adaptation Du Roman De Roald Dahl, Sorti EnMelbourne Charlie And The Chocolate Factory The Please Note Charlie And The Chocolate Factory In Melbourne Is Subject To A Major Event Declaration Under The Major Events ActIt Is An Offence For A Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Ticket To Be Sold, Or Offered Or Advertised For Resale, At A Price Exceeding Its Face Value Purchase Price Bythan % Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl Nobody Has Seen Willy Wonka Or Inside His Amazing Chocolate Factory For Years When He Announces Plans To Invite The Winners Of Five Golden Tickets Hidden Inside The Wrappers Of Chocolate Bars To Visit His Factory, The Whole World Is After Those Tickets Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Wikipedia Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Was First Published In The United States By Alfred A Knopf, Inc Inand In The United Kingdom By George Allen Unwin,months Later The Book Has Been Adapted Into Two Major Motion Pictures Willy Wonka The Chocolate Factory Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Film Wikipedia Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Is Amusical Fantasy Film Directed By Tim Burton And Written By John August, Based On TheBritish Novel Of The Same Name By Roald Dahl The Film Stars Johnny Depp As Willy Wonka And Freddie High As Charlie Bucket, Alongside David Kelly , Helena Bonham Carter , Noah Taylor , Missi Pyle , James Fox , Deep Roy And Christopher Lee Roald Dahl Charlie And The Chocolate FactoryHere Comes Charlie These Two Very Old People Are The Father And Mother Of Mr Bucket Their Names Are Grandpa Joe And Grandma Josephine And These Two Very Old People Are The Father And Mother Of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator The Further Adventures of Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka, Chocolate Maker Extraordinaire, Roald Dahl Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is a children s book by British author Roald Dahl It is the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, continuing the story of young Charlie Bucket and chocolatier Willy Wonka as they travel in the Great Glass Elevator Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator was first published in the United States by Alfred A Knopf, Inc in 1972, and in the United Kingdom by George Allen Unwin in 1973.The story picks up immediately where the previous book left off, with Charlie and his whole family aboard the flying Great Glass Elevator The Elevator goes into orbit by accident, where Mr Wonka docks them at the U.S Space Hotel Shortly after their arrival, the hotel s elevators open, revealing man eating monsters, known as Vermicious Knids, which form a letter of the word SCRAM Recognising the danger, Mr Wonka orders everybody off the Space Hotel Upon the Elevator s departure, the monsters consumed some people aboard Charlie suggests towing the shuttle back to Earth Whereupon Willy Wonka returns the Elevator with the shuttle to Earth, the monsters are incinerated in the atmosphere Mr Wonka releases the shuttle, and the Elevator then crashes down through the roof of the chocolate factory Back in the chocolate factory, three of Charlie s grandparents refuse to leave their bed Mr Wonka gives them a rejuvenation formula They take much than they need, and they each lose eighty years 78 year old Grandma Georgina vanishes, having become 2 Charlie and Mr Wonka journey to Minusland , then Mr Wonka restores her with a sprayable compound that makes people older Grandma Georgina has become 358 years old Using a cautious dose, the three are restored to their original age Finally, the President of the U.S invites the family and Mr Wonka to the White House, as a thank you for their space rescue 2001 1377 160 9643053784 1380 1381 1388 9789643053789 20 1386 234 1388 9789643693985 1392 238 9789643698430 1395 165 9786003593305 1396 180 9789647703222. I just discovered Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator was written the year I was born Apparently a lot of my favorite childhood kids books were written that year 1972 seemed to be the year of the fanciful, magical and or pastoral, nature oriented kids book Watership Down, All Creatures Great and Small, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Frog and Toad 2, Earthsea Cycle 3.This might explain a few things about mebut then again it likely has a whole lot to say about where the American reading public s mind was at the time fully ensconced in Vietnam and sick of it It was time for a bit of escapism and Roald Dahl s books provided just that.This is a sequel of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which picks up right were its predecessor left off, at least story wise It does not however pick up and carry on the same level of fantastical fun and frivolity Remember feeling underwhelmed, not quite as carried away with this one as I did the first Ironic, considering it takes place in a flying elevator Perhaps it s because the shine has worn off a bit, the surprises have been sprung and now that the reader knows what to expect in Wonka it all doesn t seem quite as magical Oh well Just the same, it s still a fun as heck book Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator picks up where Charlie and the Chocolate Factory left of, but if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is Dahl at his best then Charlie and the great Glass Elevator is Dahl at his worst However, children will still love the silliness of it all.The best way to describe the Great Glass Elevator is clumsy and inane The Big differences between Chocolate Factory and Glass Elevator is that former is silly with a point and congruent within itself, and the latter is pointlessly silly and seems full of discrepancies In Chocolate Factory there was a clearly developed plot and moral in amongst all that silliness, but in Glass Elevator I have no idea why it went the way it did And even though this is supposed to be a sequel, I could be wrong but there seems to be a discrepancy in the age of the grandparents In addition the story often doesn t seem to jive with itself Of course there is always the giant possibility that I was so utterly bored with this book that I didn t catch everything Needless to say, young children, for whom this book was intended, will probably enjoy the silly imagination of this story, but adults like me probably won t like it so much I think I probably wanted chocolate factory and less outer space nonsense. Unlike it s predecessor, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this book is probably a bit too far fetched for it to grab the same amount of attention It s an odd little book it has some good moments and is written much in the same way as the first book and his many others but it definitely has it s faults.Of the time racism was probably the biggest one It s difficult to critique something that was okay at the time of the book being published, but I can t help but think that perhaps that, along with the quite too much whimsy storyline has contributed to this one being almost forgotten There is still some great imagination, but there just seemed to be something completely lacking possibly the very flimsy and thin plot and the rather annoying characters of Charlie s bed ridden grandparents.It was, however, mercifully short and a nice quick read that took me away from the heavy and serious Classics for a while, which is always great I m sure children will enjoy it immensely, though I d perhaps be a bit vigilante when it comes to the jokes about the Chinese.Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy I am currently trying to read through all of Roald Dahl s books because growing up I loved the ones that I read I originally read Charlie and the Chocolate factory when I was in middle school I thought it was about time to finally read the second book.Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator was a very interesting book It was not what I expected for the first half of the book and I was very disappointed by that I felt like this book was two short stories combined More than half of the book takes place in space and in an elevator It has nothing to do with the Chocolate Factory at all It felt like Roald Dahl used Charlie, his family and Willie Wanka as the characters in that short story because he didn t want to have to create background information on new people.Then for the second half of the book they go back to the Factory and the Umpa Lumpas sang multiple songs Nothing else that happened really had anything to do with the factory The grandparents were affected by some of the candy, but that could have taken place anywhere.This book was a much let down compared to the first book The only reason it received 3 stars from me is because Roald Dahl is an amazing writer and can even make the worst books extremely readable and somewhat entertaining.