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Love dogs and smoking hot men? The Love Off Leash series is for you Different authors Unrelated stories Shared theme of new love and petsLove loss and finding a forever homeAfter years abroad Kyle Skelton returns to New York to plan his grandfather’s funeral Weighed down by guilt about neglecting the prickly old man who once looked after him Kyle is determined to find a good home for Gramps’s senior dog The last thing he needs as he confronts his complicated past is the distraction of the handsome next door neighbor who’s been taking care of RiggsDarrell Baines is prepared to despise his neighbor’s grandson on sight He believes this stranger is only interested in valuable things Vince may have left behind But after witnessing the renewed bond between Kyle and Riggs and learning about the unhappy teenager who fled New York years earlier Darrell’s hard stance softens It’s easier to forgive when Kyle is heaping blame on himselfDarrell is almost too comfortable in his uiet routine while Kyle has never found a place that felt like home As these opposites walk their dogs together unexpected friendship grows A late night adventure adds passionate fuel to the fire but Kyle is only passing through so a chance for anything than a fling seems impossibleWhen Kyle’s never met father arrives for the funeral and Rigg’s health takes a turn for the worse Kyle’s emotional turmoil reaches critical mass Will his fragile new bond with Darrell be the powerful lifeline he has always needed?

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    My first Contemporary story from Bonnie Dee was a winner Caring for Riggs is short but packs a punchIt's a story about lost chances and second chances About settling for less when you can have or wandering around the world because going back hurts too much It's about loss and grief but also about hope and newfound love And DOGS Don't forget the dogsKyle and Darrell meet under not so great circumstances and make not so great first impressions But appearances can be deceptive and soon they hit it offI enjoyed the time they spent together; the sexy times the uiet times getting to know each other the walks in the park the time they spent with the dogsI even teared up during one particular sceneBecause of the short length I was afraid we wouldn't get a strong ending Do not worry There is an epilogue and then another oneand then another one Dee used every page to full advantage and came up with a very fitting and strong HEA without making it insta loveyMy only niggle which is a completely personal thing is the way Kyle handled the issue with his father Obviously Kyle is a better person than meI recommend this for a short emotional sexy story low on the angst high on sweetness and feels I'm looking forward to books in this series Review posted on Gay Book Reviews

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    I was so excited to see a new Contemporary by Bonnie Dee She's the author of one of my favorites Het Contemporary Romance Novels Finding Home so when I saw Caring for Riggs come up I jumped at the chance to review and so glad I did Caring for Riggs is the story of Kyle who left everything behind including his Gramps at a young age He'd always told himself that he'd come back but never did until fate forced his hand His grandpa had passed away alone with his elderly dog Riggs When he returned he met his Gramps' neighbor Darrell Darrell had taken over helping Gramps and Riggs and harbored some resentment towards Kyle for not being there for his grandpa What ensues is an emotional story of forgiveness second chances and new beginnings What I loved The story hooked right from the get go Sometimes it takes a few pages to feel the story and writing out before settling in but I was able to jump right in Dogs If I see a dog on a cover chances are I will stop and read the blurb Dual POVs Relationship development For a novella Kyle and Darrell's relationship was exceptionally written We felt their attraction we saw them get to know each other and we saw their connection in and out of the bedroom No contrived drama This emotional story was surprisingly low angst and had a slice of life feel to it Though be warned there will be tears It also made me think It made reevaluate my turbulent relationship with my father If something were to happen how would I feel about not having been a part of his life and things of that nature The end I'm a sucker for a great epilogue and this was a goodie I love when we're given glimpses into couple's future and this one well I don't want to spoil but I'll say it made me teary All in all I give Caring for Riggs to enthusiastic thumbs up It's hard to deliver a full story in under 100 pages and Bonnie Dee did just that She gave us a beautifully written novella about family and love 4 Stars

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    This is a short sweet story about two men and the dogs in their lives Kyle arrives in Chicago to plan his grandfather's funeral and clean out his apartment As a kid Gramp's place was a welcome refuge from Kyle's dysfunctional parents and when Kyle left Chicago at age 16 he always planned to return But life intervenes with Kyle's career as an event planner taking him all over the world and Gramps dies before he returns alone in his apartment with his elderly dog Riggs by his sideGramp's next door neighbor Darrell had been caring for him and Riggs along with his own dog Lacey and at first resents the return of the prodigal grandson But before very long Darrell and Kyle begin a steamy friends with benefits relationship He hardly knew Darrell yet Kyle felt secure in his embrace as if Darrell wasn’t with a stranger at all and Kyle was arriving home after a long absence Such an odd feeling to haveKyle is at the point in his life where he realizes that maybe the life he's leading isn't the life we wants He has no permanent home and not a lot of friends At Gramp's funeral he wonders Who would attend mine if I died tomorrow? Throughout the story Kyle comes to realize he needs to make amends own up to his actions and move forward Darrell a lawyer who works remotely has a good balance in his life and I liked how their relationship is not angsty or ridden with miscommunication and they work through some issues to make a life together A job was a job but a person to care about That was everything Maybe he hadn’t been running away all these years Maybe he’d been running blindly toward something he’d been unable to find–until nowA solid 4 stars for Caring for Riggs and I look forward to reading other books in this series focusing on smoking hot men and their dogs I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest reviewReview also posted at Gay Book Reviews check it out

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    Short and sweet Got the job done without a lot of angst or fuss Puppies playing in the epilogue definitely didn't hurt

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    I have a real soft spot for senior dogs having had than my share over the years so when I read the blurb and it mentioned Riggs I knew I'd need to read 'Caring for Riggs' Kyle has a lot of baggage from a tough childhood with a father who had no time for him and a grandfather who had difficulty showing him how much he cared After two years of taking care of a crotchety old man and Riggs plus being the one to find Vince dead Darrell is than prepared to despise KyleKyle is feeling pretty guilty when he gets to his Gramps's apartment He knows he should have done better to stay in touch but whenever he called Gramps acted like it was no big deal and he wasn't missing Kyle at all It doesn't matter any and Kyle will do his best to take care of everything for his grandpa now The spark of desire he feels for Darrell is unexpected but not unwanted although Darrell can't say the same at least not in the beginning Darrell works from home and except for his Yorkshire terrier Lacey he has become almost as reclusive as Vince was Darrell can't help but feel for Kyle as he gets to know him and his desire grows stronger the time he spends with himI completely understood Darrell's shock when he found out Kyle had never actually met his father in person I couldn't begin to imagine how difficult it was going to be at his grandpa's funeral Yeah it was even worse than I could have dreamt and left Kyle slightly off kilter from hearing his father tell him that now they'd met so no reason to try to be a family Wow The worst of course comes later that evening but Kyle is finally able to let his emotions out Along with some serious self recriminations that Darrell uickly stops and helps Kyle to see that he isn't his father or his grandfather and that change can be made it just takes effortThis novella was even better than I had hoped Kyle and Darrell are very cute in their insta lust to insta love all the dogs made me happy and I really loved the way the author wrote the endingNOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    I've read and enjoyed Bonnie Dee when she's writing alone and with her various partners This was a short romp she wrote alone Riggs was the saddest little thing but he was loved I was pushed to tears a few times by our four legged friends As for the humans they were fine enough but not as in depth as I look forward to from Dee's other works I would almost say this with a cute novella with a very sweet ending Kudos for having characters of color who were neither caricatures or stereotypes If you're in the mood for short and sweet go for it

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    I do love a love story where the catalyst for the MC’s is the love of pets it adds a purity to the tale before I even read a word I was expecting a sweet somewhat lighthearted opposites attract kind of thing It was that but it also was so much There were some very touching moments and bittersweetness that made the story read so real and took it from escapist fluff to a story that gave me sincere feels and an honest interest in the future of the MC’s and their furry loved ones Kyle has always been a rolling stone and when he comes “home” after his Grandpa’s passing to deal with the mechanics of death of a loved one he dealt with all the inevitable feelings of guilt loss etc He had regrets for not coming home sooner not being available which were completely legit and normal feelings Kyle has never really had roots because his parents weren’t the kind that provided that but his grandfather took him in and loved him and provided for him the best he could When Kyle gets the chance to take off and see the world there’s no reason he shouldn’t and his grandfather never seemed to begrudge him the opportunity he took advantage of Grandpa is gone before we begin but the author did a great job of making him a presence throughout the story Riggs is Kyle’s gramps elderly pup and Kyle loves him dearly as he’s known Riggs most of his life Gramps neighbor Darrell has been watching over Riggs and in the beginning he doesn’t have the best of opinions of Kyle Darrell has been feeling pretty protective of Grandpa Vince and Riggs and only sees Kyle as the flighty wayward grandson While Kyle is a man without roots Darrell is a man with very deep ones They were opposites in many ways but in a complementary way that becomes apparent as they get to know one another I love reading books where the relationship evolves that way Caring for Riggs is a uiet book in that it focuses on the growth of the characters feelings within themselves and for each other rather than any overt actions that move the story along The sweetness between these guys grows slowly making it easy to believe especially with everything that Kyle is going through Darrell is a natural caretaker and Kyle really needs that is his life right now They may not have come together during the happiest of times but it was very opportune anyway Given the solemnity of the reason the two met the book is pretty angst free in the romance department and man is it refreshing to read about two grown ass men acting like grown ass men They communicated and took care of business All of the answers didn’t come easy but there was no manufactured drama to take away from the organic relationship that was buildingThere were a lot of great “moments” in Caring for Riggs and I can’t recommend it enough for a sincere feel good read You’ll get the lovely fluff you need with an added dose of authenticity that makes it all the better a copy of this story was provided for an honest review

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    A sweet romance with two nice guys and two dogs I normally don't give 4 stars to a short story but there were dogs involved ☺

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    I'm going to give this a try because it's Bonnie Dee and the blurb sounds awesome I really hope this book fulfills its promise; I've had too many failed attempts at reading an MM book that featured dogs on the cover As ADORABLE as pups are them being on the cover have usually signified the kiss of death where the book was concerned ALL duds so far I am very confident and super hopeful that this one is way waaaaaaaay different ;

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    This book was unexpectedly touching and bittersweet I loved the MCs and all the four legged babies Lacey Riggs Lump I got all teary eyed at one point but the ending was absolutely lovely There's a lot of depth packed into this novella