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In the depths of the Louisiana swamps clans of bear shifters roam freely Hawke Turnclaw the Alpha over all of his kind is drowning in the legacy left to him by the Alpha before him his own father When he goes on a rescue mission to save a rogue Black bear from the clutches of a Grizzly clan he finds than just a Black bear he finds his mateEcho has always been told she's an anomaly a fluke She's the only bear of her kind and that makes her a hindrance to her clan She's tried to run away but they keep her tethered through guilt and a shock collar around her neck And then someone shows up claiming he's her mateNow belonging to a new clan will she ever be able to understand that she's so much than just a burden?

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    25 stars for this indie shapeshifter romance For a bit of a change of pace our focus here is on bear shapeshifters Hawke is the young black bear Alpha over all of the bear shapeshifters burdened by the mess his clan is in because his dead father the Alpha before him really fouled things up Also Hawke is badly in need of a mate Awww Luckily he hears about Echo EchoHawk haha sorry that was the name of one of my law professors a young black bear shapeshifter who was taken as a baby and is being held captive by a nasty clan of grizzly bear shapeshifters We know they are nasty because they treat Echo like a slave with a shock collar around her neck to prevent her escape and because they have loud rough sex where Echo can hear them and get traumatized or something like thatAnyway since black bear shapeshifters are better and cooler than grizzly bear ones I was having some trouble wrapping my head around that but whatever Hawke is the Alpha of them as well He and his Betas end up sneakily rescuing Echo from the grizzlies who had their reasons for wanting to hang onto Echo and it's not just that she was a great slave housekeepercookbookkeeper Hawke knows that Echo is his fated mate and they do this imprinting thing But their bond can still be broken and not only do the grizzlies want Echo back but her long lost mother does as wellEcho doesn't want to be a burden or just a cog in the wheel so she's searching to find her calling in life as well as figuring out her new relationship with Hawke and his black bear clan I'm not sure why she feels like she's so much of a burden when she's clearly helping them to fix up the disorganized mess their clan is and Hawke already adores her but maybe it's that she was so beaten down by the grizzlies that she has a hard time realizing her value Burden isn't too bad for an indie book but the writing is a little amateurish understandably for a self published book and there are some mistakes that a solid editing job might have fixed The plot was actually fairly interesting it just lacked somewhat in the execution I did really like the computer hacker bear shapeshifter character whose romance I believe is the focus of the next book in this seriesContent clean kisses only

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    “Then her eyes the color of a turuoise stone connected with mine and my world shattered”“Don’t be afraid I feel your fear mate Our clan is loving and we don’t keep slaves You will be completely safe and unharmed I hope one day you find yourself happy even”“I wouldn’t know happy if it slapped me in the ass” “Burden” was a fast paced intro to this new series Apart from Hawke and Echo's love story we've got to meet a lot of other characters who I'm certain will make comebacks in the form of their own stories somewhere in the future But back to Hawke and Echo's story theirs was a sweet one that was all about love and trust Echo was a black bear kept as slave alongside other women of a grizzly clan But she was saved by Hawke and his betas Hawke was lucky and beyond thrilled that he had found his mate but he was struggling with his conscience Yes he had saved Echo but at the same time he also felt he himself kept her captive “Your clan just gave me two things I’ve never had”“What?”“Gifts and acceptance It’s a lot to process” Which you can see was ridiculous because he and his clan made her feel special and loved But poor Hawke couldn't let himself believe that Hawke was a really greatbear who unlike his father cared dearly for the clan members and their ordeals And he treated his mate with respect Hawke wouldn't dream of treating his mate like his father had treated his mother After he found out that his grandfather “stole” another's mate I started to wonder that maybe Hawke's father had done the samewould certainly explain his behaviorEcho despite her enslavement had somehow taught herself a lot of skills She turned all of their lives around with those skills and helped uncover that someone was stealing the clan's money The girl was a born leaderAs I said before this was a sweet read fast paced but no “dirty” business going on apart from the grizzlies “Burden” is only the first book in the series I hope in the next books in this series to read about what will happen to the grizzly clan that had kept Echo slaved And what about the other women still trapped there will they be freed do they even want to be freed And what about the clan that stole their money what repercussions will they face I'm really curious Apart from that I also want to read Rev and Martha's story prim proper meets rugged lonerI like Rev he seemed funny smart and he knew how to treat and respect a lady And Martha's was such a sweet person as well as a great friend to Echo Great duo to look forward to there will be sniffing maybe blood But mostly sniffing “He’s hot”I barreled over laughing Martha seemed like this prim and proper Suzie homemaker type and there she was talking about Rev who looked as rugged as they come being hot“It’s not funny I think he’s a lot older though But he smells divine”“Gross He’s over at the house Do you want to come over and see if he wants to sniff you too?”

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    This was than the mate claimIt was than loveMore than a fluttering of our hearts or a tingle when she entered a roomMy mate owned me And I was happy to be her propertyBy the time I’d hummed the song twice over she was fast asleep And in case we did have the Creator’s ear that night I sent him a simple plea Long gone were my whines for myself and my failures in running the clan formed just for me I whispered “All I want is for my mate and my clan to be happy” Ever since Lila confided she was planning to write a shifter book I found myself wondering how it would be Lila has never before written a parasupernatural book before Would it be as great as her other works? Should she just stick with what she knows? Oh boy the anticipation was numbingFast forward to when Lila handed over several pages she had done Wow Seriously is this the same woman who wrote the LOVE AND SKATE series and several other magnificent books? Because the pages she sent was not enough I was already held captive by what she had written And now I have to go without while she finishes? Fudge knuckers I need So ever since I finished those precious few pagesI knew right then and there that this would be my most sought after read for next year Thankfully I didn't have to wait until 2014 like you readers doFast forward again to the night when in my inbox holds the finished product I uickly devoured this book and I could only come to one conclusion Ok two conclusions One this is my most favorite book by Lila to date Yes I said it My most favorite Hard to believe with all the great ones she has out But it is true I inhaled this story and fell in love with the characters And two it has rekindled my love for parasupernatural reads Especially ones of shiftersBURDEN is such an amazing story I am so hung up on the characters and the storyline Not many shifter books out there are based on bears alone That is one aspect that sets this book apart from the rest Another is the background of Echo I won't divulge too much letting you read it for yourself But it was definitely interesting and caught my attention But the moment of the book that gutted me? Oh that would be when Hawke had to pull rank and go against everything he has ever known against the beast inside of him It tore me up I hated him and hurt for him all at onceI only had one problem with the book But Lila uickly suelched my fears So technically it isn't even a problem any longer I had a feeling this would be a standalone I mean why she would write something so amazing so fabulous and only write one book? But like I said she relived my fears and YES It will be a seriesNow I am eagerly waiting which isn't my specialty for the next book in the series and BURDEN isn't even out yet I wonder how I can spur Felix into action to get that book done?

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    This was an absolutely beautiful paranormal love story It has all the action of a good shifter book with the deep affection that only a mate bond can provide Echo is just amazing She had such a horrible time growing up thinking she was alone and being used and abused Now that she is given a chance she proves to be smart loving and loyal to the core Then there’s Hawk this gorgeous Alpha who struggles to rule his people He couldn’t even imagine how much one female could make until he found Echo I was drawn into this story immediately and loved every second of it

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    I received Burden in return for an honest reviewEcho has always been a burden on the Grizzly bear clan after being found in the woods as a baby they raised her She’s spent her whole life trying to prove that she has worth working to earn a spot in the clan Instead she’s been worked to the bone and treated like a slave but things are about to change Receiving a call that the Grizzly bears have one of his own Hawke has to check it out and if need be save the female black bear He never expected that by meeting her he would find his mate and with the help of the wolves he frees her from the life she’s always known and brings her back to his clanSince Echo didn’t grow up in a healthy pack she has some issues but the time they spend together they start to heal her as well as heal Hawke Now that Hawke has found a true mate he learns that his clan has issues but with her by his side they will be able to help fix what his father broke Echo isn’t like typical bears she has the ability to heal which is the reason she was taken from her family and now that her mother has learned about her she is determined to teach Echo how to heal even if it means driving a wedge between the pairI like Echo a lot even though she’s had to overcome a lot she’s come out a stronger person for it Dealing with the Grizzly bears has only made her strong and now that she’s mate bound to Hawke he will be able to give her what she’s missing together they will be able to be a strong powerful alpha pair I think Hawke is perfect for Echo even putting her own needs above his own and treating her like an eual They have this sweetest romance between the two it just works even though I’m not a huge fan of insta loveWhen I had the chance to review Burden I jumped at the chance since I’ve not read as many bear shifter romance novels I would like to admit Burden had everything I crave in a HAE young adult paranormal romance it’s perfectly crafted to keep the reader wanting I love the concept that when they make eye contact they just know they are meant to be together Burden is a fast paced hard to put down novel filled with sweet romance danger magic shifters and just enough mystery to keep you guessing I love the author’s writing style she’s created a beautiful story that flows along perfectly I was truly captivated from start to finish This is my first novel by the author but I can already tell you it won’t be my last Can’t wait to read from the Bayou Bear Chronicles

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    Lila always writes such Swoon Tastic men who make your heart pitter patter and turn your insides into a Gooey mess Hawke is just another one of those guys to add to the list I will not divulge many details as to what happens in the story because you simply just Need to snag up a copy and read all the Goodiness going on in this storyOur lead guy Hawke is a strong sinfully sexy rugged man who has a kind heart but is rather on the lonelystressed side He is the Alpha to a clan of Werebears and he has no idea the mess his father has left him The clan is in shambles and Hawke doesn't have a clue where to begin on fixing it allEcho has no idea where she belongs or where she comes from all she has ever known is isolation and doing chores She has been treated uite poorly in the family that found her as an infant No affection encouragement until the day Hawke stumbles into her lifeHawke rescues Echo from the group of bears who have been keeping her and brings her home She belongs amongst his clan especially when they find they are each other's one true mate She has never felt so accepted or loved until now Hawke and his entire family have welcomed her with open arms Echo for the first time starts to feel like she belongs and is appreciated for who she is as a personHawke Echo bring one another peace They complete each other's souls' inside out All is not easy thoughEcho does not know her family She has uestions herself as to who she is where she comes fromAlso Hawke comes into information that there has been shady dealings going on for years among his people with other groups With the help of his Betas Echo they have to figure out whowhat?? So many uestions the Need for answersHawke dreams of having a long happy life with his true mate Echo To build a family and bring his Werebear clan closer together Be the Alpha everyone thinks he can beWill Hawke's discoveries hinder his future as the Alpha to his clan? or get in the way of his life he wishes to build with Echo? Snatch Grab Buy yourself a Copy Today and Enjoy this page turning sweet love story

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    I have read many paranormal romance books over the years and I must say that Burden was among some of my favorites It was exceptional captivating and very entertaining I loved the characters especially Hawke and Echo and the storyline was superb I mean how can you go wrong when the characters have such cool names? That's right you can't I loved how uniue and intriguing the story was it certainly kept my interest throughout I even read it in one day if that's any indication of how amazing of a read it was I have never come across bear shifters before but I must say that I loved it and I can't wait to read Martha and Rev's story in Hearten

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    Burden by Lila Felix is such a wonderful story that I have read This is book number one in this wonderful start to a brand new series writen by a brand new author for me to read I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about bear shifters and paranormal romanceI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    Lila Felix had me ready to read just with the fact that it's one of her books add in the fact that this is her first paranormal romance and I was freaking out I swear the moment it hit my email I was bouncing around and sueeing loudly One of those rare authors that I trust implicitly with a story Burden didn't disappoint and I was left with a smile on my face and ready for the next book in the seriesWhen Hawke a Black bear and Alpha of the Bear Shifters receives information that a Black bear shifter female is being held by a pack of Grizzly bear shifters he immediately heads over to check things out What he finds is Echo the female shifter who is being treated badly She's also a healer which way cool From the moment he gets there he feels that she is his mate and the moment they lay eyes on each other it becomes real Mates destined to be together and all that awesome jazz Excuse me while I sigh and grin like a maniac I loved this book seriously loved it Boy bear meets girl bear they're soul mates yay There is a lot of awesome stuff that happens but I don't want to give the plot awayI will talk about Hawke and Echo thoughHawke is the bees knees seriously hands down one of my favorites Move over paranormal book boys Hawke is going on my ever growing never ending book boyfriend list I love Hawke He's all alpha y and yummy and hugely muscled which yum He's also kind gentle and strong That's another thing I love about Lila Felix books she writes really good menNow I get to Echo Which just going to take a moment to express some giddiness she has my name She has my name I've never run across a book character with my name heck I don't even meet people in real life with my name Eeek Love it Okay done with my giddinessEcho is awesome truly and completely awesome This girl has known some horrible pain and abuse and yet she hasn't lost her goodness She's kind strong a completely perfect female alpha I was rooting for her from the moment she hit the pages and I loved that she was a healer Her family origins and what we find out about her is really coolAnd here is where I gush about the relationship but not too muchI loved them together really really loved The mythology that Lila Felix has created is very cool how the bears mate how they figure out who their soul mate is all of it was really awesome There is such a sweetness to the relationship between Hawke and Echo and while the steam factor is very low it's still really awesomeOkay now that I've gushed all over the place I leave you with this go 1 click Burden NOW It's really good one of her best yet but then I think that every time she puts a book out Go read it you'll love it it's YA it's Paranormal Romance it's sweet it's lovely it's awesomeI received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewOriginally posted on Me Myself Books Bloghttpmemyselfandbooksblogblogspotcom

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    45 HmmmI'm tornSong Choice Living of Love by The Avett Brothers You Are the Moon by The Hush Sound Forgive Me by City and ColourFirst thoughts So here is why i am tornThis was was amazingly written like the writing style the voice wonderful I could fall in love with it because of that alone I am a seasoned paranormal reader but I never have read a strictly werebear bear shifter never made that clear to be honest Some authors a very particular about that Anyways that doesn't really matter I was thrilled that I could finally read a full were bear story because most novels that are were bears or bear shifters well they are eroticas and I have said this a million times before nothing wrong with sex but i want some plot with my books Anyways so i was thrilled to find this And here is why i am tornthere wasn't as much action as I am accustom to in paranormal reads Thoughts on Plot So this starts out and I really liked how it started out because it starts out fast we are thrown into action almost immediately that's sort of where it sort ofpitters off I suppose There is a lot of relationship development here there is a lot of development for the clan who had a lot of problems before Mysteries are uncovered and sacrifices are made I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Echo and Hawke but I also was slightly unconvinced with the speed at which Echo accepted everything but that is for later in characters First back to plot So I appreciated though that Lila took the time to develop their relationship and while they were fated mates they weren't automatically supposed to fall in love They have a few bumps in the road but it was interesting to see how they worked together The ending picked up the action y parts not as much as i thought but there was some I think that it wrapped things up pretty well Characters Echo love her name by the way anyways she was born into well what could techincally slavery for the Grizzly weres while she is a black bear Practically raised to believe there were no other kind of werebears out there and she handles herself well outside of her slavery I think that she was incredibly sassy and brave I guess I wanted to believe it but i think her bravery happened a little uicker than what one would expect Anyways I do like the person she becomes though I like that she always has that insecurity until she really grows into herself Hawke He is sexy He was alpha male that is for sure without being too over bearings PUNNNNNNN sorry anyways he was a really a good guy I think he was trying to be the best Alpha and mate that he could be I think that he was well written and I really did like him The endings Good like i said things felt very wrapped up I already started the next book and I am very interested in the next couple's story For Becca ness check me out here