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HER The tragedies I've endured will haunt me for eternity He took my soul and stripped it of the very thing that made me human He bound me to him cursing me with an endless life I never wanted For years I ran from him as he hunted me across the globe When he stopped I finally found peace Or something that vaguely resembled it But that peace would only be short lived Now he's back and I need him I crave him When he's near it only makes the bond between us stronger After all these years apart I fear that we're both too weak to live without one another HIM I took everything from her once just to make her mine My punishment was losing a part of my soul an being forced into solitude for 400 years I can't say it isn't a fate I deserve Now I'm haunted by the sins of my past broken from all the years spent yearning for my mate I know I'm not a good man and I know I'm no good for her I try my best to be better for her but do I really want to? I've found her again and this time I'll make her mine forever BROKEN BEAR is a standalone 20k word novella with no cliffhangers and a HEA ending Beware of angst violence highly erotic situations and one sexy bad boy alpha

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