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In the breathtaking new thriller from David Bell bestselling author of Since She Went Away and Somebody I Used to Know the fate of two missing teenage girls becomes a father's worst nightmare Just a year and a half after the tragic death of his wife Bill Price's fifteen year old daughter Summer and her best friend Haley disappear Days later the girls are found in a city park Haley is dead at the scene while Summer is left beaten beyond recognition and clinging to lifeAs Bill holds vigil over Summer's bandaged body the only sound the unconscious girl can make is one cryptic and chilling word No And the time Bill spends with Summer the he wonders what happened to her Or if the injured girl in the hospital bed is really his daughter at allWhen troubling new uestions about Summer's life surface Bill is not prepared for the aftershocks He'll soon discover that both the living and the dead have secrets And that searching for the truth will tear open old wounds that pierce straight to the heart of his family READERS GUIDE INCLUDED

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    Once again I’ve found myself on the receiving end of the dramatic David Bell hangover; I’ve reached the point of being caught up on all of his books and am sadly waiting until the next one arrives There are very few authors that I follow long term; I usually burn out after 3 5 books especially if it’s a series because there are so many new shiny novels clamoring for my attention and a majority of authors become stale in their writing due to the pressure to keep pumping out books Bell is one of the few authors that I have followed for than 3 or 4 books and continuously kept on my auto click list I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early copy this go around and I’ve got to say this one vies for the coveted “favorite to date” of his novels tied with Somebody I Used to Know I’ve seen reviews on both sides of the spectrum so far so let me tell you WHY I loved this book and maybe it can help in deciding if it’s the right book for you–The Characterization One of my favorite aspects of a David Bell novel is the characters as they really are the focal point of each story This book like his others aren’t your high action plot driven stories; I’d like to think of them as the type of books you read to get lost in because you feel a part of the story alongside the characters Sure there is the slow building suspense that about drives you mad until nearing the end you think “DEAR GOD MAN JUST TELL US WHAT HAPPENED“ and this definitely keeps me hooked throughout but I think the realness of the characters and how well we get to know them is what makes me care about what happens in the book From beginning to end we meet a myriad of people who drive the story onward with their personal drama some of which is used as red herrings and some which pertains to the actual mysteries at hand–The Plot I’ll be honest once you’ve read about 1000 books in your lifetime and at least half of those are of the MysterySuspenseThriller variety it gets difficult to find books that shock you with their twists It doesn’t make them unable to be enjoyed it simply takes away that shock value that used to seem so freuent in your reads It could be that I’m just losing my detective skills but this is the first book in a long while where I didn’t have it all completely solved before the reveal In fact aside from a few minor aspects I had none of it figured out I love the way this book was written because there were just enough characters to keep you guessing the “who” and “why” of each piece of the mystery but not so many that you felt lost and confused and wanted to throw the book at your husband’s face — Not that I’ve ever felt that way Nope Not me Instead of this book containing the ever popular SUPER ULTRA MEGA BIG ONE MAJOR TWIST the author chose to take a much preferred route and slip bunches of them all over the place I buddy read this book with Sam of Clues and Reviews and we kept messaging each other over a few days going “GASP OH NO HE DIDN’T” because we both couldn’t believe thethings that happened Just read it for yourself–The Cover Come on I had to say it; that cover is gorgeous We all know I’m THAT shallow A gorgeous cover is a must for me and this one is a 55 starsI’ve said it before but it’s completely true that when life is throwing me curveballs and I’m having trouble focusing on most books I reach for a David Bell I save these for precisely the right moment and to this day not one of his books has ever let me down When you find an author who writes something that you connect with on a level much deeper than the surface you follow their work for as long as it’s published With uality books like Bring Her Home still coming I feel I have nothing to worry about as I’ll be seeing from Bell for years to come Highly recommended to readers who enjoy mysteries with a traditional feel and thorough characterization; the subtle suspense grows into full blown desperation as you need to find out just what happened surrounding these girls’ disappearanceMany thanks to the author for providing my copy; it was a pleasure to provide my honest thoughts here

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    My reviews can also be seen at StarsI read the description for this book and I knew it was a book that I had to read I was positive I was going to enjoy it I'm really happy to say that Bring Her Home did not let me downThe book opens with a father charging into an emergency room looking for his daughter Bill Price had received the call that no father wants to getShe's here Somewhere She's hereThe emergency room is packed and he has no idea where to go No one will answer him He wonders if he'll have to make a scene to get noticed Finally he gets the attention of a stressed out nurseMy daughter is here Summer Price Summer Price is my daughterShe recognizes the name and calls someone Finally someone comes out to see him It's someone who Bill knows very wellDetective Hawkins He thinks the detective is taking him to see his daughter but instead takes him into a family room Bill has been in one of these rooms beforeonly a year and a half ago It's a room that usually means bad newsHe asks the detective where Summer is but doesn't get an answerWhere is she? Just tell me somethingHe's terrified but starting to get angry Finally the detective answers himShe's alive Bill But we should talk insideSummer and her best friend Haley left the house a few days earlier and hadn't been seen since Finally they were found in a local park after an anonymous call to police Haley was found dead at the scene Summer was alive but barelyThe detective warns Bill to brace himself before seeing Summer She has been badly beaten She is unconscious and nearly unrecognizable with amount of damage done to her head and face Bill just wants to be with his daughter He realizes how easily it could have been him mourning the death of his daughter like Haley's parents are Although she has a long road to recovery He knows he's lucky that she's aliveWhy would anyone do this to two young girls? What could Haley and Summer have gotten mixed up in?Utterly gripping and tense I hated putting this book down I was hooked If life hadn't gotten in the way I could easily have read this in one or two sittingsThe author has a wonderful way of creating suspense and hitting the reader with a twist when they least expect it The first twist sent me reeling Just when I thought I recovered from that another one was soon to follow The entire book was like that So many twists and turns with an excellent plot that kept me gripped and excited to see what was going to happen next I may have guessed a couple of things before they happened but even then I was still enjoying how everything played outDavid Bell knows how to write a story that keeps you on your toes ratcheting up the suspense making it very difficult to put the book down I'm really looking forward to reading from this authorThank you Berkley Books and David Bell for providing an advanced readers copy of this book for me to read in exchange for my honest review

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    I’m a reader that often balks at the old adage— don’t judge a book by its cover—and maybe I need to stop doing that in all instances After seeing this gorgeous cover and having enjoyed two of David Bell’s previous novels I wrongly assumed I was settling in for an entertaining read Nope Not even closeErrors aside which I hope for the sake of the author and the readers who purchase this book are corrected during the final editing process this was a repetitive and overly dramatized story of a girl that went missing and a father desperate to find those responsibleWhen the story opens Bill is sitting by his daughter Summer’s bedside hoping against hope that she’ll open her eyes Badly beaten and unconscious she went missing two days earlier and turned up in a crime infested park alongside her best friend who was dead Sounds intriguing right? Who could blame a dad for wanting to pinpoint the culprits and make them pay?Turns out Bill was one of my biggest issues with this story Not only was he nonsensical and prone to flying off the handle at the most inopportune times but his dialogue throughout the entire story was incredibly awkward and stilted The conversations all of these characters shared lacked a natural ease The overly dramatic tone wasn’t helping the situation any either Add in the fact that Bill’s inner monologues were repetitive and he continuously regurgitated the same information to just about everyone he came in contact with and I was one unhappy readerMy discontent was only further fueled by the “twist” that was thrown in prior to the start of Part II I refuse to say anything further because I don’t want to risk ruining the story for anyone else but it wasn't anything that I found to be exciting or plausible In fact I might have even rolled my eyes David Bell put up a valiant effort—stringing the reader along with twists here and there—but it lacked heart and development It felt like he took the easy way out one too many timesIf I haven’t complained enough already let me throw in this last little tidbit—the author used the same plot device throughout the ENTIRE storyline and it started with these words “ I need to talk to you ” I don’t think I've ever come across a cast of characters that so readily offered up their secrets and crimes as this oneOverall this was pretty much a complete miss for me which I have to say caught me off guard Only time will tell if I’ll give this author another chance Who knows maybe he’ll suck me in with another pretty cover Thank you to Berkley and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Fantastic Outstanding Where do I start?Summer and her friend Hailey go out one evening as most teenage best friends do Just one problem they don't come home 2 days later the police find 2 girls savagely beaten beyond recognition One alive and one dead Now Bill Price father of one of the missing girls is turning over every stone to find the reason behind the beating and murder Unfortunately I can't get any deeper into the plot without giving too much away I don't want to spoil it for anyone Just know there are shocking twists at every turn Moments that make you goAre you kidding me?? It will keep you constantly guessing Me? Well I never saw it coming It's just that good Short chapters that just fly by I kept telling myself ok just 1 chapter HaNot a chance Could not would not put it down And that book cover? Gorgeous All around winner I absolutely recommend to all thriller fansThank you to Netgalley Berkley Publishing Group and David Bell for the ARC to review

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    this book is fine if you’re looking for a fast read that’s gonna keep your mind diverted for a time but it’s got some problems i read this as an arc and i’m totally willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for some of the cosmetic ones like someone using the wrong character’s name in a conversation or someone who should know better using the term “gender identity” when discussing a homosexual character or a person whose arms are “crossed” but still has her right hand resting on her waist her elbow at forty five degree angle to her body all of which will likely be caught on the final editorial pass before publication but there are substantial errorscontradictions here the most glaring involving the circumstances around a character’s bracelet and some things that are too deeply ingrained textually to be anything other than an author’s conscious choice; things that came across a little amateurish for someone with so many books under their belti’ve never read david bell before even though i have bought at least three of his earlier works because they sounded right up my alley so i don’t know if this is true to form for him or if this review by a fan is accurate and he's “phoning it in” this time but there are definitely some issuesi’ll point to the good stuff first the plot is fertile soil for drama and suspense recently widowed bill price’s fifteen year old daughter summer goes missing along with her best friend haley after a few days of gut wrenching anxiety summer is found in a local park badly beaten unconscious unable to explain what has happened to her or where haley is from that point on it’s all zoom zoom zoom through a series of revelations and twists told in very short chapters 93 chapters and an epilogue in about 425 pages as bill takes the investigation into his own hands uncovers secrets about his family and uestions his paternal abilities which faltered while he was isolated in his own grief and personal demonsit hits all the marks a psych thriller is meant to hit there are red herrings and action seuences and an investigative arc in which information unspools slowly driving the narrative towards its conclusion it’s just not particularly literary if that doesn’t matter to you have at it i would definitely recommend this as a vacation or an escapistunwinding book one which is gonna hold your interest for its duration the whodunnit is pretty well telegraphed but there are other splinter revelations that are than enough to keep you invested in the story even if you know who the baddie isif you’re picky about character style ‘authenticity” you may run into problemseven though this is all told from bill’s POV complete with interior monologues we don’t really get a sense of who he is as a character he’s still grieving his wife complete with sentimental fetishized attachments to her belongings and he’s angry all the time and prone to violence those are pretty much the only two speeds this character has and we flip back and forth between the two he’s always angry always usually suppressing his impulses to lash out but that struggle doesn’t come across cool like wolverine; his temper flares are so freuently over minor affronts they come across as the tantrum bursts of a child as far as structure there’s something about it that reads like a play so many intimate conversations occur in which every character has information about summer but they don’t give it up all at once it’s staggered out between several different meetings and always prefaced by a dramatic announcement along the lines of “there’s something you should know” or “it’s time you heard the truth” or some such variation usually serving as the breaking point between chapters and divulged regardless of whether the character's profession contains some sort of expectation of confidentiality pastor guidance counselor or whether it might be appropriate for them to tell the police instead of the victim’s father especially after bill has some pretty public episodes that show off his temper and the police are looking into him as a suspect this piecemeal exposition stretches out the suspense but it also stretches a reader’s willingness to buy into the situationif any of those things are going to bother you maybe pick something else up for now but for a summer release it’s perfectly entertaining as long as you don’t expect it to raise the bar of psych suspense or be a book you hand down reverently from generation to generationcome to my blog

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    5 stars Wow this was an intensely suspenseful cleverly written tension filled thriller I loved itI read this with Brenda and we found ourselves addicted to the pages hanging on every single word This was my first David Bell book and it DEFINITELY won't be my last I loved his writing To find our full Traveling Sister Read review please visit Brenda and Norma's fabulous blog at

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    Traveling Sister Review by Brenda and LindsayBring Her Home is a captivating tense and emotional story of a father’s frantic uest to bring his daughter home When we first meet Bill he is grieving a loss and is soon faced with another nightmare We really loved hearing the story from Bill’s perspective and we could feel his desperation grief frustration and anger as he searched for answers to the secrets of today and some that are buried in the past In this well paced story David Bell led us down a path of secrets and lies that we thought we knew where it was going only to be taken in different turns than we expected leaving us feeling very satisfied where it ended The suspense and tension increased with every twist and turn and we were hanging on to every word David Bell does a good job with the dynamics of the characters and we really enjoyed Bill’s relationship with his sister Paige who comes to support him in his nightmare She brings the much needed balance to Bill We enjoyed how she softens and calm him down and points him to what's most important We could feel their love and bond they have with each other To sum it up this was a perfectly paced highly suspenseful and deeply engaging read that left us hungry for by David Bell We highly recommend this gripping and emotional story of a father’s uest to Bring Her Home Thank you NetGalley Berkley Books and David Bell for providing a copy of this book for me to read and reviewAll of our Traveling Sisters Group Read Reviews can be found on Norma’s and my sister blog

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    45 Stars → BRING HER HOME is another gripping character driven mysterythriller from David Bell I flew through this book The shorter chapters that ended with a new clue or reveal really uickened the pace What would come next? I was compelled to keep readingThis is the kind of book that can easily be spoiled with too much talk of the plot so I’ll just say wow Lots of delicious and disturbing surprises made this an entertaining read The characters were complicated flawed and easy to empathize with They could be frustrating at times but given their situation it’s understandableThis was an enjoyably nerve racking thriller that was hard to put down It also had that emotional edge that I love in David Bells’ novels I’ve read several of his books and BRING HER HOME is probably my favoriteDisclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    25 stars rounded upI realize I'm in the minority I'm fully aware there are those who adore Bell's writing This is my first book of his and I did not enjoy reading it This is a story of a parent's worst nightmare doubled There are two missing girls one is found badly beaten barely alive and the other is dead The nightmare for this father continues to get worse if you even can imagine that happening This is all loosely based on a true story that was in the news a few years ago so the mystery wasn't too suspenseful for me The writing style was good edge of your seat style writing However that was part of my problem overall Everything was written at such a rushed pace that I felt that I couldn't process the content Rather than enjoying the thrill ride like I do with many thrillers I just wanted to either stop reading or skim ahead to the end to make the anxious feeling stop I skimmed I'm sure it's just me I'm positive Bell is a great thrill writer but I'm not going to be the one to recommend this book nor will I read him again

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    3 StarsGREAT start GOOD story SHORT chapters but for me long winded redundant conversations were somewhat bothersomeBRING HER HOME is a difficult novel to review without giving anything awayand I do not want to ruin the big time shocking revelations for other readers but will sayWhat happened to 15 year old Summerand why is the gist of the storyline and her father's emotional turmoil and often haphazard but persistent stance to help solve the mysteryand hopefullyfind his daughter an important aspectSo many weird things are happening as you will seeand so many secrets will be revealed but for me the culprit was a bit too predictable and the dialogue too wordyThat being said still an entertaining at times suspenseful OK read Loved Cemetery Girl and look forward to reading David BellMany thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for the ARC in exchange for an honest review