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NOTE This is an empty searchable notebook with 'slots' for storing text only notes It's a minimalist diarytracker of sorts which is designed to take almost no space Do you like taking notes on hardcopy books that you're reading particularly the ones you read when you're not sitting at a computer? Do you like to know that it will be easy to come back to those notes and even search through them if you're looking for something specific? This document was designed for you because you can design your document The categories are 'Books' parking lots Naught to Nine with spots A to Z The structure of the document allows you to break down the categories into things like types or titles or authors of books types of topics etc Obviously with the word 'Books' you can choose the categories that make sense to you I'd just take the time to make a note of your categories on the 'numbers' line That way you can search for your category by the numbers and for your information through your notes The advantage of having a published document where you can park notes is that it's easy to find and the information is stored in your My Clippings file a text file which can be backed up regularly recommended w something like MyClippingsdatetxt on your computer or simply synced with the document if it's on your computer Beware when you insert notes you MUST make sure you save them and they are easy to delete and easy to overwrite but great to have When you enter them remember that the note number will most often show up AFTER the word don't add notes at the END of the line YOU want to put your cursor BEFORE the wordsymbol and MAKE SURE that no other note is BEHIND the wordsymbol or highlighted word It's possible to overwrite a note you don't see on the bottom or side of the screen if you don't pay attention to how they get stored Just pay attention

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