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Nine young Aboriginal women successful in a variety of professions tell their stories to Leah Purcell herself a singer songwriter actor choreographer and director Some have achieved success in the white fella's world; others are working to improve life within Aboriginal communities or maintain indigenous traditions

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    3 Stars I liked the book I'm glad I read it

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    This book had me crying in parts some of the material was so powerful connecting with the sense of loss of culture and the empty feeling of not belonging anywhere Was co incidental I read it just before NAIDOC Week which celebrates this year the 50th anniversary of the presentation of the Yirrkala Bark Petitions to the Federal ParliamentIn August 1963 the Yolngu people of Yirrkala in northeast Arnhem Land sent two bark petitions – framed by traditional ochre paintings of clan designs – to the Australian House of RepresentativesThe petitions protested the Commonwealth’s granting of mining rights on land excised from Arnhem Land reserve and sought the recognition by the Australian Parliament of the Yolngu peoples’ traditional rights and ownership of their lands Today we look to a future that better understands and celebrates the uniue connection that Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander’s share to country as we continue to build an Australia that reflects the achievements and furthers the aspirations of our people and I feel the book Black Chicks Talking helps further those aims and gives some representation to the variety of some Aboriginal women's achievements and how diverse we all areIn Black Chicks Talking nine young Aboriginal women successful in a variety of professions tell their stories to Leah Purcell These are diverse stories from women of surprisingly different backgrounds Some have achieved success in the white fella s world; others are working to improve life within Aboriginal communities or maintain indigenous traditions increasingly under siegeThe book is a journey of discovery for both interviewer and subject as Leah and the other women explore their backgrounds aspirations passions spirituality and their own place in Australia Portraits of the women by renowned painter Robert Hannaford will be a feature of the bookBlack Chicks Talking is set to rout the old stereotypes and showcase some of the young black women who are putting their stamp on the Australian cultural and political landscape Their stories are at once uplifting and deeply moving some a timely reminder that the wrongs of the past cast a wide shadowThe chicks are Kathryn Hay former Miss Australia Cilla Malone community worker Frances Rings dancer Deborah Mailman actor Sharon Finnan netballer Rachel Perkins film maker Tammy Williams youth affairs spokesperson Rosanna Angus tour guide Liza Fraser Gooda marketing manager and Leah Purcell whose story and opinions are interwoven with those of her subjectsFound today 822013 1 of 20 books for 10I've read extracts of this online impressed been waiting for my local library to get it in They have now so hoping I can find time this week to get it

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    This book is going on my personal learning about Australia 101 list I'm going to badger all my friends into reading it if they haven't already Because this book is I can't think of any better word this book is awesome It fills me with aweThese ten women the nine interviewees plus Purcell herself share so much of themselves in this book and so openly And yet also so matter of factly They don't pull punches about the awful parts of life but what shines through so clearly is the shared humanity of all of us Which is why it's going to be top of my 101 listIt's close to impossible to choose a favourite interview or interviewee or even a 'most influential' one Cilla Malone mother of five I think left me breathless and amazed by what she does in careing for her children and her community; Tammy Williams has done a staggering amount; Deb Mailman is just so strong and centred as is Rachel Perkins only in an entirely different way; and Liza Gooda Frazer in a different way again Kathryn Hay in many ways seems the most fragile of the group has such grace in letting that fragility show along with another core of strength that is there as wellI just love the way this is written put together along with the Black Chicks painting all in shades of pink and the portraits of all the women and Leah's description of their dinner together as the culmination of the project

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    I absolutely love the concept and really want to hear what these girls have to say but I just cant get into it I've tried three times between other books but I've failed to read much of it as it just feels like other people having a bland conversation that doesnt involve me or doesnt care if I listen in I will definately try again because no doubt theres some interesting funny and important topics brought up And also because Leah knows what shes talking about