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For smart tough Miami criminal lawyer Jack Swyteck it was a golden opportunity to help out his beautiful ex girlfriend Jessie Merrill who sold her life insurance for a cash payment when she wrongly believed she was dying Now thanks to Jack's courtroom prowess Jessie can keep the 15 million she received But it turns out that Swyteck and the insurance company are both victims of a gorgeous scam artist And when Jessie's lifeless corpse is discovered in his bathtub the attorney is suddenly wanted for murder Framed and desperate on the run from the police and a powerful criminal consortium willing to go to any lengths to retrieve the money Jack must exhume the dark secrets of a buried past to save his freedom his career and his life But even his uniue legal skills cannot keep him out of the murderous sights of a cold killer one who wants Jack Swyteck's blood and is beyond suspicion

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    Just alright for me Second book in the Jack Swytech lawyer series A lot was going on in this book with lots of characters Viatical insurance blood harvesting organized crime money laundering murder for hire and recurring dreams about child abuse Jack starts out the book defending Jessie a former girlfriend on a viatical insurance fraud case His wife Cindy seems fine with him doing this but is she? When Jessie ends up dead in their bathtub Cindy begins to think that Jack and Jessie were having an affair Who really killed Jessie and why is Jack getting framed for the murder??? Not a great bookgood fast read few too many characters not developed enough good story interesting themes blood harvesting viatical insurance organized crime money laundering

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    Beyond BadI read up to page 123 then decided life is too shortI wonder if the ending does indeed redeem itself but then I figured it can’t possiblyThis is yet another story about a beautiful young woman found dead in a man’s bathtub I think the world already has enough of those stories so it has to say something pretty darned special for me to persevereThis is a story for the Manly ManA few uotes will serve as vehicles for my editorial inserts“he gathered one eyeful of the woman with the pink rose on her tanned and firm buttock” I believe this is what is called “writing under the assumption of a male sexual gaze”“Jack was a horrendous cook but his wife was phenomenal and as with all their favourite things he fancied himself a pretty swift and eager learnerIt had been an awful week and goofing off with his wife in the kitchen was a good way to give his brain a rest” Because cooking is for silly females even though Jack can’t actually do it“Jack sat alone at the kitchen table wearing the pajamas his mother in law had given him for Christmas They were a grotesue paisley print thee kind of garment that might ordinarily sit in a dresser drawer until old age seized his senses So long as he and Cindy were in Mrs Paige’s house however he figured he’d be the good son in law and wear them” What a goddam pain in the arse mother in laws are going about giving gifts all over the place Just as well there are good men like Jacks in this world who wear grotesue paisley despite everything“When Jack met Cindy she was a wimp when it came to drinking “Tying one on” meant an extra splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream in her heaping bowl of Haagen Dazs” Real men drink hard liuorBut actually I think it was when Jack ‘watched the moonlight glistening on the ripples in the brackish water alongside Mike’s boat’ that made me put the book down Brackish? Did he taste it or something?

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    This book was advertised at John Grisham meets Robert Ludlum I've not read the 'bourne identity' series but enjoyed the movie since I really like actionthrillers This was supposed to be the perfect book per the marketing efforts No such luck James Grippando writes nothing like John Grisham There goes my attempt at filling empty space between John's books I hope John continues to write and entertain those thirsty for his written pleasures

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    Good book I started reading the series from the beginning so now I know what happened to his wife Cindy Cindy was the murderer of Jessie Merrill but her mom took the blame Good ending Had me guessing until the end as to whom was th murderer

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    28 starsThis is a case of a series where each book gets better I listened to the first one thought it was okI listened to the 3rd book which I really likedThis is the 2nd Swyteck book It was a good bridge bw those 2 books The tension isn’t as intense as previously The mystery takes a little while to get started as the “dead body” doesn’t show up until about 13 of the way inAnd not a lot of courtroom drama eitherBut it still kept my interest and I gave it a little extra8 star bc I didn’t guess the ending at all It was a surprise

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    Fair action book with lots of twists and turns Unfortuneately I did not like the final twist I felt it negated a great deal of the proceeding story If not for that it would have been a much better book

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    A pretty gripping read I finished it in a few hours and I felt like I had just watched a standard 90 minute thriller movie I'm not sure that this warrants a second read

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    The plot was well laid out however I just wasn't very interested in the characters They didn't develop very well in my opinion

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    Nice twist in the end but too many characters and plot twists I haven't read Jack Swyteck #1 so I didn't know his writing style

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    This story has enough twists and plots but it did not hold my interest I gave up at about page 200 no longer caring to know the facts the endingetc