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uinn '' Boothroyd is a successful young English lawyer married to the gorgeous Tom and living in New York She's ticked off most of the boxes on her list of 'Things To Do Before Hitting Thirty' and her life so far has been relatively painless But when her doctor tells her she has to spend the last three months of her pregnancy lying in bed is thrown into a tailspin by the idea that her social and professional life must come to a total stop Initially bored and frustrated gradually finds herself re examining her whole life her marriage relationships with family and friends and her job Indeed the inertia of bed rest has some very surprising funny and touching results

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    Currently I am thoroughly enjoying this book which I misjudged Thinking it was another shallow yet enjoyable book in the genre of chick lit by another British author I am thoroughly surprised that this novel although comedic in tone wrestles with some incredibly strong conflicts which I am enjoying thoroughly Excited to see how it all ends I love finding out what defenestrate is To throw out the window LOLI am done I liked it because unlike those novels which are romantic in tone this novel is bounded in what happens after the honeymoon I believe that is a story best covered over in the Happily Ever After of our childhood fairy tales As we all know Happily ever after doesn't always exist and here we find a heroine who struggles with what she is supposed to be and what she actually is And who doesn't struggle with THAT from time to time? I have a good feeling and I don't care if it wasn't exactly grist for literary criticism I still find it a good read

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    This was an average chick lit type of read It had some funny parts perhaps the funniest thing is the mere fact that these soon new to be parents think they can place a pregnancy in these nice little check off boxes and to run exactly as they planned Both parents being very driven individuals working at law firms different firms and is not ready to be stopped in her tracks and put on bed restIn all fairness I don't think anybody is really ready for such an event I also couldn't imagine having to spend weeks on end only laying on your left side That being said for the safety of my unborn I certainly would talks us through her daily life of staying on her side from staring out the window into the neighbors apartments to praying for visitors even if they are from people she didn't particularly care for Great book for when you need to fill a challenge as it is a new uick read with a character that fits that hard to fill spot or a blue cover

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    This book was pretty good I was looking for Sophie Kinsella books on my Scribd app and they didn't have what I wanted so they suggested Bed Rest I am wanting to get into these types of book so I decided to give it a try I do not regret it It had its flaws and sometimes could be a bit dry but it was entertaining The description might seem boring I mean what could be so interesting about a pregnant woman who has to go on complete bed rest for three months? Well the author did a good job making it a fun ride Three stars because of the rushed ending along with a few other flaws

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    Payed 500 at the bargain table figuring it would be a good summer amusement I found myself involved and introspective than I had anticipated Ah family dynamics Ah the conflict of work and parenthoodI smiled I nearly cried I snickered I got hungryBut I'm glad I didn't read this when I was pregnant

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    35 stars I felt bad for all the family drama had to deal with but I really liked the ending

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    A light read sort of Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the last 3 months of your pregnancy lying down? Well this would be the answer A frustrating lonely cookie eating time Imagine that your husband is a workaholic who doesn't seem to get it the fear that he will leave because you're not getting on very well dealing with a mother and sister who get on your nerves and seem bent on fixing you having a disturbing view into your friend's love lives worrying about baby's health and then not knowing what to expect when baby eventually comesSomehow it all works out in the end Apparently this book has a seuel so I may read it if I come across it

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    Got this at a garage sale with a box full of other books was looking for a light read while waiting for my library book to come in and chose to read this one as the back cover said laugh out loud funny couldn't put it down Totally DISAGREE with that The main character is put on bed rest for 10 weeks and the entire time is negative and complains about everything As for her family who lives abroad she is negative about her father mother sister and her other sister's boyfriend As for her husband she is in a constant battle with him the entire book and talks negative about him as well I'm still wondering where the laugh out loud humor was in the book

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    This is one of those books you read in a day when there’s nothing good in the DVR ueue All the characters were terrible people A few months from now I won’t remember a thing about this book

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    I wanted to enjoy this book but it had a few issues that prevented me from doing so whinyborderline bitchy protagonist who belittles judges or vilifies those around her with little to no inner reflection on her behaviors and motivations The “diary” framework I’m wondering why the author chose to frame the story in this manner? It comes across as unbelievable journaling detailed dialogue at 330 really? and tiresome In many instances it was repetitive “I’m stuck in my boring yellow living room helpppppp” Help me as a reader by providing an entertaining story Despite being a short text it dragged in many places and the characters and plot were not uite enough to drive it forward and make it interesting Which is a shame because the premise sounded pretty good

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    This novel is written in the form of a diary so most of the sections are short I enjoyed the author's telling of what life on bed rest during pregnancy really looks like it's not fun and games It's a lot of work and boredom At the end this mom delivered a healthy baby and that's all that matters