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Eddie Vega can write There are some excellent passages and scenes in this book that made me eager to read from him While some of the lamentations about modern poetry felt overwrought and a few of the plot progressions came across as underdeveloped, neither was enough to undermine the high quality of this novel I will be first in line for the next Eddie Vega novel. loved it I particularly appreciated a scene setting in the Hungarian Pastry shop, across from the Cathedral I remember that UWS treasure Cass Loyola, A Merchant Seaman, Abandons The Ocean Seas To Pursue Literature And Love At A Button Down College In New York City As He Struggles To Adjust To His New Life, He Is Haunted By The Woman He Left Behind In Cardiff A Bookbinder And Practicing WitchAt Once A Seafaring Novel, A New York Novel, And Cuban Novel, Awake Now, Sailor Includes Pirate Fights In The Bay Of Bengal, Gypsy Cab Rides Into The Dark Heart Of Brooklyn, A Drunken Mountain Climb In Wales, Cane Cutting In Oriente De Cuba, And A Smashed A Guitar In A Havana Radio Station That Ends A Musical Career The Book Includes D Cima Campesinas, A Poetic Form Popular In Cuba, And An Original Sea Shanty Translated Into Welsh By British Poet Menna Elfyn