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Blackjack dealer and stripper Adrian West has lived in Las Vegas long enough to be numb to beggars on the Strip Their destitution is a sad ugly part of reality in a city where people win or lose it all at the tables every single daySo he’s at a loss to explain why the homeless man in the suit catches his eye Why he can’t just keep on walking like he always does Former advertising executive Max Reynolds is a Las Vegas cliché After a run of bad luck costs him his boyfriend his job and his home he’s decided to go out with a bang—a week of high rolling capped off with a peaceful overdose in a luxury hotel room When a last second epiphany keeps him from finishing the job he’s ready to live again but he doesn’t have a dime to his name He has nothingThat is until a stranger takes him in off the street Max may have hit rock bottom but now he has a glimmer of hope and an unexpected friendship A friendship that just might turn into everything neither man knew he was missingThis novel is approximately 51000 words

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    425Even though Witt has mad skills I don't always mesh with her work But this book? Yeah this book is a Must Read you guysIt has all the elements I love scorching HEAT hot hotter HOTTEST; all the passionate kisses did me in complex vulnerable MCs I fell in love with Max and Adrian almost immediately strong focus on the relationship no drama and no insta love either well developed sense of place I've spent a lot of time in Vegas and lived in Los Angeles; I could tell LA Witt has too She knows these cities not just the touristy stuff you can Google but the heartbeat of the streets minimum angst despite the heavy themes of loss suicidal thoughts and homelessness truly well earned romantic HEA Adrian is a blackjack dealer and stripper and occasional rent boy One night when he's walking to his car he sees a man in a suit sitting by the Bellagio fountain The man has a sign a backpack and a couple crumpled bills in a cup Adrian walks right past him But he turns around Something about the man calls to him Max used to be a successful ad executive Until he lost everything his job his home his boyfriend Out of thousands of strangers Adrian is the only one who stops and sees him I liked the way Witt handled Adrian's sex work and trust me when I say that I'm not a fan of rent boy stories At the Corner of Rock Bottom Nowhere isn't a long book but it doesn't feel rushed The men are open and honest with each other and the tenderness between them is a beautiful thing I'm so glad I gave this one a chance

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    Audio 5 starsStory 45 Sweet heart warming story I wish it was longer

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    35 Stars

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    Looking back I realized I’ve been living in black and white and suddenly you showed up in Technicolor I've been having uite a book funk phase for MM romance for the past 2 weeks or so before I decided to give this one a try I liked the idea that I read from the summary; a happenstance of sort that brings these two men together Adrian a card dealer who also works as stripper and Max a homeless man that Adrian helps even if Adrian cannot really explain why he decides to actually stop that dayAnd gosh this is just what I needed It was sweet hopeful and oh so romantic The story was written from both men's perspectives and I could feel the emotional connection between them that unexplained click where the chemistry and the progress of their relationship feel so right This story is simply about the two of them and how they come to connect while admiring the personalities of the other Max sees Adrian as someone kind and brave Adrian discovers a man who is not ashamed about his side job of stripping and sometimes being paid for sex As much as I hate using the cliché I did think they are just right for one anotherWe don't really have any supporting characters aside from a mentioned friend that was willing to lend Max money or customers during Adrian's stripping sessions Maybe I can add Las Vegas as a supporting character because I could feel the city contributed to their lives too A home for Adrian a place where Max wants to go out with a bang and of course the place where they are finding each other It was exactly what my heart needed sigh Thank you so much book beams happily

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    Adrian a dealer in Vegas who also works as a stripper sees a homeless guy in a suit with expensive Italian shoes by the fountains in front of Bellagio and offers Max a hand up not just a hand out by buying his dinner and letting him stay in his home for a few days to get back on his feet Max's story is very touching and I loved how Adrian and Max's relationship evolves slowly into something that each man deeply needs a sense of home of belonging plus some very hot man sex I'm jarringly aware of how close I came to never knowing Max at all beyond a few hands of cards at my blackjack table It's one thing to be ships passing in the night It's another to imagine that other ship sinking to the bottom while mine sails on without ever knowing there was any distress

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    Once again I'm late to the party on this one but even arriving late it was still worth showing up for I thoroughly enjoyed this one The MCs were wonderful and the story was heartwarming and at times heartbreaking Adrian needs someone to be reminded that human kindness and compassion are characteristics the world can't afford to loose Max needs to be reminded of the same thing only from the receiving end of things It's through their mutual need for this reminder that both men discover the value of loveI really enjoyed this one and as always Sean Crisden's narration added depth emotion and life to the story and I have zero doubt that I'll be listening to this one again and probably againmaybe I'll take the time to do a longer review on one of those revisits

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    Update March 2020Okay it was weird I ended up not liking it in my second reread I usually have small flunctuations on my rating when rereading but this time the difference between my first time and the second is ridiculous Downgrading to 4 stars and not lower because I am like almost everyone this time in a shitty mood which may or may not have impacted my enjoyment of the book Original review 45 stars rounded up to 5 stars because I didn't skip the sex scenes and because I feel I may reread this in the future

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    Free from I had this book for uite some time now and first I was hesitant to read it because I feared it to be rather dark then I tried and couldn't get into it But yesterday suddenly it worked It was heartwarming not dark at all perhaps a bit too easy therefore 4 stars

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    I really enjoyed this book It was the perfect length and the chemistry between Max and Adrian was off the charts The book wasn't predictable at all because I kept asking myself how will they make it work? When I thought things would go one way they didn'tAdrian was such a smart character More people should try to pay off their house I always wondered why people who make good money don't do just that? I can see how Max became homeless too view spoilerI wonder if Adrian did not occasionally sell himself while stripping if he would still consider himself a sex worker?? hide spoiler