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A Terrorist Is Targeting Britain And To Make Matters Worse It S An Invisible Someone Traveling Under A British Passport Virtually Impossible To Find Before It S Too LateThe Job Falls To Liz Carlyle, The Most Resourceful Counter Terror Agent In British Intelligence Tracking Down This Invisible Is A Challenge Like None She Has Faced Before It Will Require All Her Hard Won Experience, To Say Nothing Of Her Intelligence And Courage Drawing On Her Own Years As Britain S Highest Ranking Spy, Stella Rimington Gives Us A Story That Is Smart, Tautly Drawn, And Suspenseful From First To Last

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    Ex spooks with a modicum of writing ability sometimes turn to writing spy thrillers once they ve left the world of espionage Rarely, though, do we see fictional treatments of the game come from anyone who retired at the very top of the game Dame Stella Rimington is one of what must be only a handful of examples She retired in 1996 as Director General of MI5, Britain s counter intelligence service, the only woman ever to have served in the post Her first novel, At Risk, appeared in 2004, introducing her alter ego, MI5 officer Liz Carlyle That first book has been followed to date by nine others, one every year or two It turns out that not only does Rimington know how the counterespionage business works, she s able to describe it with great skill and create a great deal of suspense in the process At Risk is an espionage thriller that fulfills its promise.Liz Carlyle, now 34 years of age, is a ten year veteran of MI5 She is in a relationship with a married man whom she s on the verge of dumping, as she has so many of his predecessors Her mother wants her to move home and find a marriageable man, settle down, and give her grandchildren Predictably, Liz has no intention of complying.At MI5, Carlyle runs agents and serves on the Joint Counter Terrorist group along with representatives of MI6, the police Special Branch, GCHQ Britain s NSA , and, sometimes, the Home Office and the Foreign Office At a meeting of this inter agency group, MI6 discloses that a terrorist is about to enter the country an invisible capable of blending perfectly into English society The terrorist s identity, and his or her intentions, are unknown.No sooner has Liz begun work on the case than she hears disturbing news from an informant who had reported to her when she was involved in investigating organized crime Apparently, a crime boss engaged in smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants into the country is expecting a very big shipment the boss is nervous, and the informant is terrified Is there a connection to the terrorist on the way This being fiction, we surmise that that is the case But how the connection is revealed is fascinating.At Risk is a superior example of espionage fiction It s tense almost from the very beginning, the suspense builds steadily throughout, and the ending is shocking in ways than one Highly recommended.

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    If you enjoy spy intrigue stories you will love this book The plot is captivating and of course extremely realistic considering the author s previous career with MI5 My only complaint was that I needed a British English American English dictionary to help me with a lot of the lingo Also, there are some assumptions made by the author with regards to British culture that not all her non British readers will be familiar with.

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    In any campaign, the first stronghold that you have to occupy is your enemy s consciousness Feliks Dzerzhinsky KGB founder p 424 They make a wilderness, and call it peace Tacitus, Roman Empire p 554.Quotations show the breadth of heroine Liz and author Stella s education.I may continue series, but I admire than like heroine Liz, her deceptive frightening world, traitors novice Jean or jaded Mansoor The Western good guys stumble always a footstep behind the Islamic terrorists, in slow reveal Clues dribble tediously, sought, mis interpreted The suspense builds fact by fact Author, retired MI6 director, knew her job, and tells us expertly, teasingly, so 5 for series debut, started after actress mentioned on extras for Anecdotes have ring of truth, like well heeled public schoolboys snorting lemon sherbet from sweets to drug high p266 Denzil refuses drink because driving straight to the pub p525 Minor characters, no matter their values, have ring of reality, in names and descriptions flashy Eastman, pretentious Peregrine, busty Cherisse Conversations, events have hint of truth, sometimes irrelevant, disjoint comic relief, better edited out Liz laughs at idea of fifty rubber Santa masks p42 Suggestion of possible enemy disguise distracts from plot direction So does romance side plot neglected flat, personal life Married boyfriend Mark phones, he has confessed to wife and left she is rude, selfish, spares no minute to let him know he s history nagging need keeps bobbing up, positive persistence negative side Work is excuse for dropped relationships McKay says I love it when you talk dirty disrespectfully in front of professional peers for joke she drives hard off the road, slamming brakes in return p319 view spoiler In the game of espionage, as in life, chance rules skill Jean relents, face to face, flirting with son of targeted family The most important conversation saves lives She sees the boy has the goodness of soul to use the opportunities she rejected Another reader might hear other morals hide spoiler

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    Stella Rimington really grabs the reader from the very beginning Characters and plot are intertwined like strands of string in a cord, each heading toward a final event that has anti terrorist agents worried Along the way, we grown closer to intelligence officer Liz Caryle, who has spent a lifetime trying to prove herself in a very dangerous, male oriented environment.Liz and her counter terrorist teammates must learn whether the opposition has finally been able to land an foreign agent on UK soil to commit an horrendous act with the help of a invisible An invisible, explains the book cover, is CIA speak for the ultimate intelligence nightmare a terrorist who is an ethnic native of the target country and who can therefore cross its borders unchecked, moves around the country unquestioned, and go unnoticed while settng up the foundation for monstrous harm This is the backdrop of At Risk This novel is authored by novelist Stella Rimington, after she retired from Britain s Security Service MI5 as director general after thirty five years of service, which included responsilibiies of investigationing counter subversion, counter espionage, and counter terrorism In short, Rimington writes from her own experiences working in that gray netherworld that is seldom touched by daylight A well written, well crafted novel I would highly recommend it to those who enjoy this genre.

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    This is Stella Rimington s first book, in which she introduces the character of Liz Carlyle who is employed by M15 as an agent runner.This book seems quite topical at the time I write this It is based around what is called an invisible by the security services.Much of the story takes place in the rural parts of East Anglia I like the way the novel is crafted It is written from two view points Firstly through the eyes if Liz and her MI5 and M16 colleagues Secondly through the eyes of And who are the radical Islamic Fundamentalists who are in England to undertake a terrorist action.There are some good sections of dialogue which make the characters come to life This is a story which certainly has a lot of pace The tension builds steadily and the conflicts between the different organisations police, military and special services are brought out well Will Liz Carlyle get her villain s You will need to read it to find out.I look forward to reading the Secret Asset the second book in the series.

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    I picked this up because of her job as head of MI5 I think it is her first book and half way through I wanted to grip her and send her on a good creative writing course Maybe that is what happened as the first half of the book is all about setting the scene and involved a lot of tedious detail about clothes and food and possibly even furniture and is far too long Then the story picks up with some real tension and pace and a lot of cleverness I have friends in this part of Norfolk and so I enjoyed the way the plot was rooted in the places and countryside.

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    I like reading books, that are written by authors who have a knowledge of the subject matter, and this book has it in spades Stella Rimington was the first female boss of MI5, and this first book in this series I will be getting , is as relevant today as it was 13 years ago when it was written 5 5

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    The adventures of Liz Carlyle, female MI5 officer, as conceived by former Director General of MI5, Stella Rimington A no brainer this is utter, lose yourself in the adventure fun Step aside, Jason Bourne, the lady has arrived

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    liz carlyle works for MI5 as an intelligence officer with a troubled personal lie h e once she learns that an invisible may have entered our shores all bets r offered and her concentration is complete a terrorist who can pass thru our borders with impunity is the worse nightmare who, why, where and when a few dead bodies lend clues and with a mix of information relayed by their own trusted agents and links a picture starts to appear but it still appears to be wrong and this is not helped by lack of assistance from other sides such as MI6 the est and only hope seems to be if she can get insider this person s head a well written novel and f course with her experience u expect this was a bit surprised that the emphasis seemed to be on the 2 women on opposing sides, the men especially the terrorist seemed almost an afterthought also what was the obsession with elec and power cuts in the first few chapters i thought this might be of some significance but it seemed to cut out like the elec will be others featuring this feisty lady bev

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    Pacy espionage thriller, packed with lots of information about the nuts and bolts of investigative work just as you would expect from a novel written by the former head of MI5 Liz Carlyle is assigned to a counter terrorist operation that involves an invisible a native of the target country who is hard to identify and locate She has to analyse the intelligence reports and use all her skill and intuition to fill in the gaps in a seemingly impossible task, before a deadly attack takes place.Very enjoyable, this novel is the kind of espionage story that focuses on the thrill of the chase rather than any labyrinthine double dealing in dark places It has a genuine cat and mouse feel, as the reader follows both the terrorists and their pursuers through a taut and exciting narrative Liz is a likeable and feisty character, pragmatic and determined A series that is well worth following for anyone who enjoys entertaining but realistic modern espionage thrillers Will definitely be reading about Liz Carlyle in future.