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Left Alone In Balti After His Unpredictable Lover Bails, Special Agent Zane Garrett Takes His Frustration Out On Everything In His Path Until He Is Ordered To Chicago To Back Up An Undercover Operative When He Gets There, Though, He Finds Himself Face To Face With His Wayward Partner, Special Agent Ty Grady They Have To Deal With The Uncertainty Lingering Between Them While They Work To Retrieve Their Intended Mark, A Retired Hit Man And CIA Wet Works Operative Named Julian CrossTy, Once A Marine And Now An FBI Hotshot, Has A Penchant For Being Unpredictable, A Trait Zane Can Vouch For Zane Is A Man Who Once Lived For His Job But Has Come To Realize His Heartbreaking Past Doesn T Have To Overshadow His Future They Re Partners, Friends, Lovers, And The Go To Team For Unusual Cases With Cross And His Innocuous Boyfriend, Cameron Jacobs, In Tow, Ty And Zane Must Navigate The Obstacles Of A Cross Country Trek, Including TSA Pat Downs, Blizzards, Their Uncooperative Prisoners, CIA Kill Teams, A Desperate Lack Of Sleep Or Caffeine, And Each Other Ty And Zane Are Determined To Get Julian Cross To DC In One Piece, But It S Starting To Look Like It Might Be The Last Thing They Do

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    I ll probably put of a detailed review up later Below may have mild spoilers, read at your own risk.What can I say I was one of those people that was blind rage angry at the last book I was like explain this and that, what the fuck Nick And with this one everything was explained The I Love You from Zane, why Nick chose to act that way, the holding back, etc.The necklace is given to Ty, and it was done in a proper way It wasn t a marriage proposal yet , but it was a symbol from him to Ty It was casually done in only a way Zane could do with those amazing lovable eyes Ty could give him The sex I literally sat down and cried at the opening sex scene It was everything to me It had nostalgia, love, and hotness They made comments that both of them have said throughout the series while staying in the moment However, for a reader, having those nostalgic moments to tie back into their journey was so important The are you feeling this too Gahhhhhh, kill my heart now It was amazing The sex scenes moments is it possible you need a fan to cool off from a book Good, lawdddyy pant pant I hated Nick in the last book HATED him In this one, when I first read it I was all mehhhh I had sympathy for his POW status, but not how he acted with Ty Zane However, the longer I sat on it the longer everything began to fit for me How although it may on the surface not relate war torn anguish with real time laughter and love, it all interacts and affects how these men act and love I got him I felt for him Dare I say I grew to love him He is no threat to Ty Zane He is a friend that loved a fellow friend for years Now that everyone is aware of the situation he can move on Zane can be the confident man he once was in knowing Ty is his man despite both of their faults And deep down I would never have felt right with Ty losing his best friend over that I m glad too that it was done between Zane and Nick alone The roadtrip I wasn t sure I d like that aspect, but for this book it felt right From book 2 through 4, the boys have been stagnant Trapped in West Virgina, on a cruise ship, and in their own emotional prison in their apartments In this book, everything was out in the open and progressing Their emotions, their travel, and who they were opening up with each other It was enlightening, fun, and sigh worthy FINALLLLLLLY.For those wondering about Cameron and Julian if you were a huge fan of them before, I think this book will get you even excited If you weren t, well I don t think they are in it enough to be that distracting While there is a crossover, this book is all Ty and Zane It was nice, however, to see Ty Zane interact with individuals that were gay, not in their work field, and not family Maybe down the road they will even have them as friends But, Cameron and Julian are easy, and the dynamics between Julian and Ty were hilarious Not to mention when Zane went all badass on Julian I may or may not have done a little fist pump.The ending Its not a cliffhanger, but its not a HEA How can it be with books in the series However, goddamnnnnnnn, its what we ve been waiting for An ending that has relationship progression that shows the readers that big decisions can come with pure joy and happiness Yes, they know the road ahead might have some battles, but dammit they believe in each other, they are honest now, and they both know that they aren t willing to ever lose the other.All in all, a fantastic read

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    Ty, Zane said between kisses, his hands firm on Ty s body Be mine, just for now There s time Ty reached for Zane s face, meeting his eyes I was always yours, he said with difficulty.5 stars.Holy smokes Kissing my Goodreads stars kissing my Kindle kissing Ty Wow, wow, wow what a revelation Abigail had to fly solo and I m super happy that she did such an outstanding job with Armed Dangerous Ladies, I m rolling my eyes in ecstatic delight That s love.I loved AD from start to finish Frankly, there was not one single dull moment to be found Wonderful and well drawn main AND secondary characters, witty dialogue and a really sensible and good plot made this story to something very special I don t want to give away too much of the plot though It s enough to say that Ty and Zane have to escort Julian and his lover Cameron from Chicago to Washington DC The big question who are the real bad guys When they are on their merry way, the road gets a bit bumpy from time to time Honestly, the prospect of a long trip on the road was not all that promising With that said, I was pleasantly surprised that the journey was incredibly entertaining, action packed, and utterly hilarious at times No boredom at all Ty and Zane never disappoint, that s for sure I totally adored the way Ty and Julian were bitching at one another My oh my, do we feel a little bit upset and cranky, my lovelies By the way, beside Ty and Zane I really liked Julian and Cam These two guys cranked up the fun factor tremendously Oh, and don t forget Ty s brother Deuce It s always a pleasure to see you again Ty is the same but then again, somehow he is different There s so much emotional depth when these two guys are together now Well, I don t know if it s due to their relationship development it s the fifth book, after all OR if it s the fact that Abigail had to fly solo when she wrote AD Ultimately, I don t care and I m so incredibly happy with the outcome The love scenes are so super hot, passionate, and yet incredibly intimate, moving, and tender Man, I wanted to crawl under their skin What I especially loved as well was the kissing and touching Lots of affectionate kissing and touching Le sigh I adored the compass rose thingie I just knew Zane s answer Because you gave me direction when I was lost You showed me the way He looked up to meet Ty s eyes You re like my very own compass Zane I know, I know I m a sap Maybe But you re my sap, Ty said fondly.Further, I loved Nick and Zane s heart to heart After Nick and Ty s incident in Divide Conquer so many readers were angry with Ty I wasn t I have your back, Ty Always That s why I was so glad that all of us got this important insight I hope the readers will understand you way better now, Ty Sometimes I I just need a break Up here, he said, tapping his forehead I have to go somewhere on my own to let life hit me If I don t, too much piles up and I end up not really able to deal I just have to get away sometimes Yeah, being a view spoiler tortured prisoner of war hide spoiler

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    5 StarsThere s just something about this series that leaves me awkwardly speechless when it comes to review writing It s almost been a week since I finished this story and I m no closer to finding anything useful to say, but I ll try.I was a good little reader and read the fabulous Warrior s Cross before braving Ty and Zane s fifth epic tale, and I m so glad I did I feel like so much of what made this story epic view spoiler what with the fantastic banter and macho stand offs between Ty and Julian hide spoiler

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    Ty and Zane could power an entire city with how much electricity they produce together Throw Julian and Cameron in the picture and you got yourself free enegry everywhere This book was amazing We get not only two absolutely fabulous characters, but 4 My mind was on overload, didn t know who to love in every new scene It starts right after the ending of Divide Conquer, Ty calls Zane and appologizes, but he can t come back home bacause he s sent on a new mission Lucky for Zane, Burns sends him on the same mission to be Ty s backup and they make up and at that point I was somewhere on the ground, fanited with all the swoon, it was just so lovely and beautiful and I just loved it He finally gave Ty the compass and they said I love you to each other again And again And no matter how many times they say it in the future it won t be enough And in this one they pretty much made love for the first time, it wasn t just hot sex and f cking themselves sensless very beautiful scene it was hot too, don t get me wrong Their mission is to force Julian Cross to come to DC and testify, but of course, Julian is a tough cookie, he doesn t want to goo back to his old job, so Ty and Zane pretty much abduct arrest them both XD They were all hilarious together XD Julian and Ty absolutely couldn t stand each other, and they fought ALL the time, throwing jabs and insults LOVED IT Cameron was a sweetheart, a total nice guy caught in all the mess It was a bumpy ride, trying to prevent Julian and Cameron from escaping, and then all of them trying to escape CIA FBI operatives Great story, full of dynamics, Ty and Zane s relationship progressing further , Ty and Julian throwing insults , Zane dealing with Nick and Ty s past , and Cameron being the brains in one situation which had me laughing my ass off Just a brilliant book, confirms my addiction obsession with TZ One thing I strongly suggest you read Warrior s Cross before this one, it s the story of Julian and Cameron and it s fantastic You won t regret it And you ll know and love them even before you start this one

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    This series is like a holiday, a spa for my soul.And Armed Dangerous is like the best day of it.Ty and Zane are not just the most adorable and amazing couple of the gay fiction, THEY ARE CULT And this series is a MUST READ not only for the fans of M M genre.I don t know how Abigail Roux does it, but every sequel, every her next book is better than the previous one EVERYTHING IS GETTING BETTER HERE Not only the relationship between Ty and Zane There are no misunderstandings They speak with each other They trust each other THEY LOVE EACH OTHER Not only sex Oh yeahSex deserves only superlatives The sex scenes are one of the best I have ever read Though also a suspense part Yes, you can forget the weakest point of the first books There is nothing of a B action movie in it The plot turned into an excellent thriller Nothing predictable, nothing secondary, nothing insignificant It is a perfect mixture out of a heartbreaking romance, an action thriller, a mind blowing erotic and a warm sweet romantic comedy FANTASTIC READING EXPERIENCE I ENJOYED EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF THIS BOOK IT IS FUN IT IS A GOOD MOOD IT IS SMILE ON MY FACE ALL DAY LONG I CAN T HAVE ENOUGH OF TY AND ZANE AND I WANT MORE

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    I still don t get the Julian and Cameron relationship.

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    This book features Julian and Cameron from Warrior s Cross and while it s not necessary to read that first I would.I love this book.For a long time Divide Conquer was my favourite And like I said in my review whenever I think of Ty Zane the first image I always have is the dash to the aquarium.But this book is all that and I love the dry sarcastic humour I had to stop reading last night because I couldn t stop giggling and my hubby was trying to sleep You know what it s like once you start Anyway this book is brilliant, I m not going to give spoilers but I was glued to every page and I ve read this at least three times now Oh look, Mr Rubber Glove Man, he has a bomb Och, we missed our plane You need a Valium or something, Cameron said under his breath as he tried to hurry enough that Ty wouldn t drag him Yes, I do I should also be given a cigarette after what that TSA agent did to me, Ty snapped We apologize for the necessity of the strip search But it seems you have a reputation for producing keys Ty shrugged Don t worry about it, that s not even the first one I ve had this week, he said, voice wry.Original review.Wow..if Ty and Zane aren t enough they re joined by Julian and Cameron from Warrior s Cross so this was always going to be a good book but it s even better than that it s justwords fail me, you just have to read it and see for yourself

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    Some readers said they had resigned themselves to not expecting too much from this book, since it s not, as the previous ones, the product of the collaboration between Madeleine Urban Abigail Roux I can proudly say I was not among them I DID expect a lot, because I knew Abigail Roux s an amazing author One of the very best, whether she works with or without a co author But Jesus Christ Almighty, not even in my wildest dreams did I expect this book to actually be so freaking awesome and exceed all my expectations So if you have any lingering doubts as to whether this book is worth reading, just do yourself a favour and give up on them Go and buy this book, and prepare for THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE If Ty Zane together with Julian Cameron won t rock your world than nothing, abso bloody lutely nothing can Now on to the actual review, which, by the way, contains SPOILERS, so if you haven t read the book yet, but still want to read this review, you re doing it at your own risk.Those who know me certainly remember my reaction to Divide Conquer While I loved that book, some events, especially the Nick incident left me seething It didn t help that Ty ignored the first time Zane said he loved him I tried to rationalize, justify Ty s behaviour, his reaction to that one and so many other things, including, of course, the ending and why he left Finally, I came to terms with almost everything that happend in that book Yep, almost The name Nick Ringing a bell Okay, so that was how I saw things after reading Divide Conquer full review of book 4 here Armed Dangerous opens a new chapter in Ty Zane s relationship It s truly amazing how far these guys have come and how much their relationship has progressed Zane is much confident, no longer living in the past, no longer denying his feelings And yet, there s still a lingering vulnerability somewhere deep inside him He knows that Ty loves him There can never be any doubt about it Still when he finds out the whole truth about the kiss, when Ty tells Zane that he kissed Nick back and enjoyed it, Zane feels like he s been punched Hard And every time the name Nick O Flaherty comes up something inside Zane s chest twists I really felt for Zane He finally left the past behind only to have his present and future overshadowed by fear that Nick O Flaherty may try to steal Ty away from him And then, of course, comes O Flaherty himself And THE TALK between him and Zane, without Ty being present And OMG The things that have been revealed Jesus Christ I was stunned speechless I HATED Nick after DC but now I just can t What happened in Afghanistan and Nick s silence soon after, the reason he didn t tell Ty about his feelings is now crystal clear Obviously, I m glad he didn t tell Ty then he loved him, but nobody deserves to go through the shit Ty and Nick went through together Nobody Besides, now that I know Nick is no longer a threat to Ty Zane s relationship I find myself sympathizing with him dare I say it liking him, or even if I m not there yet, I will get to that point soon, I think Nick nodded and swallowed hard I was in love with him I d already made up my mind to tell him after our tour was over Consequences be damned, I just needed him to know But after that He shook his head and cleared his throat There are some friends you don t risk for your own peace of mind Some things at the time it wasn t worth the risk of losing him Last month when you I knew I d already lost him if you re asking if I intend to make another move on him, the answer s no I ve regretted what I did every day since Oh, and I absolutely loved that Nick actually helped Zane to understand Ty better He didn t have to give Zane the CDs with some films from when Ty and Nick and their other Recon buddies had been in service But he did If this isn t an olive branch, a peace offering, if this doesn t scream I m sorry, I won t try anything like this ever again You make Ty happy and I want us to get along , than I don t know what does And I guess it s good that they are trying Ty confessed to missing his best friend, though if he had to choose he would always choose Zane, but why make him do it So, the Nick issue is no longer a problem Whoa, I really had it bad after DC if I m making this all about Nick, but bear with me, will you I really had to get it out of my system.Okay, back to the relationship stuff I loved that Ty Zane decided to share with each other things about their pasts No secrets No hiding They are open with each other Every single time one of them said I Love You I had this silly grin on my face, which means I was grinning A LOT D And the sex, no, scratch that, because it was not just sex or f cking, but MAKING LOVE Such tenderness And the connection they share sighs God, so beautiful I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN And FINALLY what we all were waiting for Ty bottoming SQUEEEEEEEEE So perfect I had happy tears in my eyes while reading that scene ALL the sex scenes were hot and earth shattering So much passion and love Ty, Zane said as he released Ty s other wrist and moved his hand to splay his palm across Ty s chest Look at me Open your eyes, baby Zane swallowed hard as he drew a shaky breath Are you feeling this too he asked Yes, Ty answered, surprised at how desperate the honest answer sounded He couldn t hear a thing but his own heartbeat I ll always be yours, baby sighs Yep, it s official, I m a sap But who cares It s TY ZANE And Lord, was I happy that Zane gave Ty the necklace FINALLLLLYYYYYYYY D And when Zane explained to Ty its meaning, how Ty was like his compass, and then the sap comment delivered with fondness, awwwww, so romantic sighs Uhm, I think I ve calmed myself enough to continue Damn, this review is way too long and I have yet to mention Julian and Cameron Let me tell you this I loved Julian in Warrior s Cross, but here I REALLY, REALLY LOVED the guy The wit The sarcasm Now enter a very pissed, in kill mode and on Red Bull, Special Agent, Ty Grady and BANG I LOVED, LOVED their banter God, some comments that came out of Julian s mouth snickers Priceless And Cam with his constant never knows when to shut up chattering and the Ty is like a ninja on crack comment made me laugh so hard that I thanked God nobody was home and saw me They would think me batshit crazy, LOLOh, and I loved Smith and Wesson DAll right, I m wrapping this up There s only one thing left to say and that would be the ending No cliff hanger this time D Our boys get a solid Happy For Now ending, which shows that although a lot has already changed for the better, there are some things that still need working on, like coming out to their FBI co workers, which seems not a best thing to do Not yet But hey Zane is moving in with Ty happy dance if their co workers ask, Zane rents a room shrug But progress is progress and each new book brings us closer to a true Happily Ever After that Ty Zane so deserve and which I have no doubt Abigail Roux will finally grant them.All in all, Armed Dangerous is a fabulous read A spectacular book, which is definitely my favourite in the whole series 5 stars.Abigail, thank you I can t even put into words how much the fact that you keep writing this series despite Madeleine s decision to stop her writing career means to us, readers You truly are an amazing writer and a wonderful person Thank you hugs

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    Ty and ZaneRhymes with crack cocaineHuh waddayaknow

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    Posted at Shelf InflictedI think I m done with Ty and Zane.In this fifth book of the Cut Run series, it seems that one half of the author duo is now going it alone And the other half has absconded with the Ty and Zane I loved in the earlier books Don t get me wrong I m happy that Ty and Zane are now at the stage of their relationship where they have found a happy equilibrium The problem is, their behavior is so out of character, especially after Ty s sudden departure in the last book Forgiveness happened a little too quickly for my liking, and the excessive declarations of love, the oh, baby s and humming by most of the male characters made me want to stick a fork in my eye Number of humsTy Grady 10Zane Garrett 6Julian Cross 5Cameron Jacobs 2Nick O Flaherty 1Richard Burns 1These guys are supposed to be badass Instead, they are sitting around talking about feelings I miss the verbal sparring and the snarky humor of the earlier books The action scenes, though, are as ridiculous and unrealistic as always While I was able to overlook that before, I am unable to do so now Julian struck out at him so quickly it was easy to think it was imagined He grabbed the gun and pulled the slide, his free hand moving in a flash, and the gun fell apart in Leatherface s hand Julian swung at him with the slide, hitting him in the temple and dropping him in a heap This scene confuses me No matter how scrappy Julian may be, I seriously doubt he would be able to disarm a rogue CIA agent, strip the slide off his pistol and knock him unconscious If Julian grabbed the gun to pull the slide, wouldn t the gun be in Julian s hand And while many guns may be designed to be quick and easy to disassemble, they don t just fall apart in someone s hand Unlike earlier books where the focus was on the main couple, we are introduced to two new characters, Julian Cross the only witness to a contract killing who Ty and Zane must bring to DC in one piece, and his milquetoast boyfriend, Cameron Jacobs The lengthy road trip undertaken by these four guys while Julian and Cameron were often restrained was excruciatingly slow I quickly tired of their banter I skimmed through the sex scenes, which were drawn out and repetitive Julian s cats, Smith and Wesson, were a nice touch I hope Ty and Zane get permanent custody Since I have the next book on my Kindle, I ll probably read it But I don t have high expectations.