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Action Packed Science Fiction From A Refreshingly Different Perspective The First Book In A Groundbreaking New Series David Decker Is Stunned Driven By His Christian Compassion, He Has Just Rescued A Marooned Space Alien, But The Alien S Mere Existence Threatens To Shatter David S Worldview How Can He Reconcile The Two When David Learns The Truth, It Will Astound Him But David Has Other Troubles Shadowy Government Forces Are Desperately Trying To Capture The Alien In His Quest To Follow His Convictions, David Must Battle Enemies Seen And Unseen And Travel To Incredible Places He S Never Imagined I m really enjoying this series right now Set in 89 on Earth, two college roommates meet an unexpected new friend I love the interesting non humanoid alien creatures Rollins created and fleshed out into great characters. This is a great read SF from a Christian perspective.First in a series Plenty of action and suspence Creatively includes space aliens in a storyline based on a solidly Christian worldview.This is a must read for Christians who enjoy Science Fiction Fantasy and teenagers young adults that are undecided in their faith and need positive Christian role models. I really wanted to like this book I like science fiction and I am a Christian, but I do not feel like this book combined the two of them well.Some people have said that the Waterbabies is a good book if you read the abridged edition that tells the story with out all the tangents that Kingsley goes off on That is the impression I have after reading about half of this book Like it was trying to out do Christ in his Christianity.Plus there were a lot of cliche evangelical spiritual happenings Being attacked by feeling a constricting about the throat, happy feelings after prayer, strange feelings that alert the reader when demons are near, wind blowing when the Spirit is near, boldly going where not Christian has gone before I found it difficult and painful to read Now the book is geared towards teenagers so maybe I am being too critical But it felt incredibly didactic.Flannery O Connor says and I have paraphrased because I can not find the exact quote at the moment that a novelist must write with his own eyes, and not the eyes of the Church If you write with the eyes of the Church you just produce a lot of pious crap This book felt very pious, to the point the charactors were not believeable Maybe not exactly, because I have known people like David and his mother and they are unbearable to be around Not because they are holy and have a grand view of the cosmos, but because they have a shallow and anemic view of creation and Christianity. This book is totally awesome I LOVED it It s about a college student who finds an alien and is totally changed Very nicely written Good plot, too Once you start you just can t put it down