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Todos os domingos Julieanne ajuda a orientar as vidas de pessoas ue não conhece através da sua coluna de aconselhamento no jornal local Mas um dia é Julieanne ue necessita desesperadamente de uma orientação uando vê o seu mundo desabar não obstante todo o amor energia e criatividade ue sempre investiu nele Com o talento a elegância e a profundidade a ue desde sempre nos habituou Jacueline Mitchard coloca nos diante de personagens extraordinariamente humanas com vidas comuns agitadas pelo mar revolto das emoções da esperança do amor do desespero e de uma imensa vontade de vencer Uma obra de grande sensibilidade e optimismo ue é um belíssimo hino à vida

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    This was a very good read and it probably would have gotten 5 stars if the ending wasn't so out of left fieldThe book is told through the journals of Julieanne and her son Gabe a teenager who has problems with school learning but has a gift of writing When we meet Julieanne she has uite the enviable life a posh pedigree a handsome high earning husband loving in laws and two great kids plus another one on the way But then her husband Leo tells her he needs to go on a hiatus to find himself and his sporadic contact soon turns to no contact as he disappears from their lives The family is stunned of course but they're dealt an even bigger blow as Julieanne is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I liked this book because the author didn't feel the need to make Julieanne into a saint because she was sick She was haughty arrogant and a bit self centered before she was diagnosed and her flaws remained after she got the doctor's news So because of this her kids' reactions seemed very real not just the actions of spoiled teenagers Leo on the other hand seemed very one dimensional to me pretty much the exact definition of a cad I couldn't see any redeeming ualities in himMy only issue with the book was that the ending didn't do it justice The book is about struggle hardship and reality And not to give anything away but the ending deviated just a bit too much from that for my likingStill I really enjoyed this book and look forward to trying the author again

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    If you are a person angry at any man in your life this might not be the right time to read this book because my overriding sense was that I was so infuritated with the husbandfather character I wanted to strangle himThe Breakdown Lane in my opinion is a story of a 15 year old boy who has to grow up uickly to care for his uickly deterioriating family I felt every emotion imaginable for this young man Gabe I wanted to reach through the pages of the story and give him a hug His normal teenage angst of girlfriends school and acne are buffers to what he endures as caretaker of his baby sister and ill mother When he's angry I was angry when he was glib I would smile wryly at his self deprecating humor When he stood up for his family I was as proud of him had he been my own sonThe story too centers around a woman unexpectedly facing a life altering disease and her frustrations at suddenly having limits on her physical and mental capabilities It is about a friend who stays by her side without uestion without being asked Strong characters strong emotions a strong story very well written uite the ending too I recommend it

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    I just started listening to this one for my commute So far I am drawn in and intrigued by the main character's children than by her or her cheating husband LeoSince I am listening to this book I won't be able to critiue the writing stylebut I will be forced to pay attention to the details of the storyI am at the end of disk two and honestly I am not really that in to the book Normally even novels that I would have difficulty reading I listen to with great attention and enthusiasm None of the characters not even the kids jump out as me as intriguing or worth caring about If I were not stuck in teh car with a long commute and sick to death of the radio I would return the book to the library I hope it gets betterThe book did get better and I did learn to love each of the characters NOt sure I would completely recommend the book; it was not my favorite but it was ok

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    I mostly liked this It does lose it right at the end with the appearance of Matt Just way too convenient Before that was a very good book similar to a Jodi Picoult I have to admit I could kind of understand why Leo left He had been trying to tell Julianne how unhappy he was with his lifestyle and over working so she pulls an oops pregnant on him to make him stay I could never have too much sympathy for a woman who intentionally does that However what happened to Julianne with the MS was horrible Very compelling reading though I did feel sorry for her trying to deal with her illness and thankfully she does grow as a person Gabe is a good character as is Carolyn Typically self absorbed for a young girl her age I also liked the Inlaws and Cathy It's worth reading but the twist at the end is unnecessary and I think I would have liked it if Matt hadn't come to save the day It's not overly realistic and it would have been inspiring for Julianne to find her own strength

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    I enjoyed Mitchard's writing style and some of the character development much of the way thru the book but as far as I am concerned it fell apart with the unrealistic arrival of her Prince Charming I couldn't finish it For once I would like to see women going thru tough times prevail on their own Authors give me material showing that women dumped and sick as well have the courage to enjoy life without the rescuing super men A surgeon yet

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    I thought the story was captivating It was so realistic that you wanted to know how JulieAnne would come to terms with her illness MS and her husband Leo who walked out on her You just wanted to shake Leo for being so insensitive by disrupting the family unity to embark on his idealistic and unbelievable trek into a commune lifestyle It was pure escapism from responsibility The stress JulieAnne endured acerbated the MS symptoms Not only does she have to deal with the grief of a husband leaving and the progression of MS she has the burden to take care of two teenage children and a baby Her son Gabe has severe learning disabilities and her daughter Caroline is running away from the realities of home by becoming involved with a young man who does not have Caroline's best interest in mind On top of this JulieAnne is a newspaper columnist who has to work to provide for her family since Leo is not interested in working any JulieAnne is a strong minded woman but she is truly being tested All she wants is her dignity and is amazed that another man can love her as a woman with MS You can not help celebrate her marriage to Matthew This marriage does not have a fairy tale end as Matthew has his love of drink but he is a good man who JulieAnne can rest in comfort that he is and will be with her to the end

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    This is a book I can legitimitely say I would never ever have picked up to read if my mum had not gifted it to me Recommending books to her is something I love to do and she'd given me some recommendations of her own But never before did she actually BUY me the book in uestion though This made me read the Breakdown Lane before anything else I want to read this summerI am very glad I read this novel since I identified with so many of its main characters Julie Gabe Caroline for personal reasons Even though my family is not Julie's there are recognisable similarities within the struggles of each family member Let's just say some revelations in their development taught me a lot or at least confirmed a lot Negative sidenote I did think it had a rather naïve and romanticised ending which made me disappointed and pathetically hopeful in eual measure

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    I really enjoyed Jacuelyn Mitchard's other books And Breakdown Lane starts out wonderfully as Mitchard sets up the family of characters weaving little bits of information and vital images together It's the plot that disappoints here It's not so much the flood of terrible and challenging things that happens to Julieanne her illness her feckless faithless husband her colorful children and the lengths they go to to get their father to return It's the miracle rescue that set my teeth on edge Just as Julieanne starts sorting things out in her own uirky way along comes a plot twist right out of a Harleuin Romance The writing is wonderful but the rest not so much

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    Maybe 2 12? MS was an interesting problem Add to that a dissolving marriage and there could have been a good story But a clueless protagonist a tidy unlikely ending and some unrealistic and unresolved characters weakened this book a lot Additionally too much effort to make the story seem true when that was not necessary

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    I actually picked up this book on the recommendation of don't laugh Stephen King As one of the ten books he recommended for late summer reads in an issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine the premise hooked me The book centers around a woman who not only loses her husband to a wacky desire to live a simpler and fulfilling life but has to single handedly raise two teenagers and a young daughter by herself all while dealing with her diagnosis of MS THE BREAKDOWN LANE is women's fiction at its best I actually enjoyed the two first person accounts that make up the book it's in the form of a journal belonging to the mother and one written by the son Although it does end up with a rather happily ever after ending this book details life in all its ups and downs and you'll appreciate being along for the ride