Don't Spend HOURS trying to figure out ECHO SHOW Go from Beginner to EXPERT in 60 minutes Do you want to Buy Echo Show and curious to understand how this device will add convenience to your Life? Have you bought Echo Show already and now wondering how to convert this cute little Kitchen Top LCD into your personal assistant? Maybe you have read a few Echo Show guide books but all you got was stale information wrapped in fluffy jargon loaded words? Buy the Paperback Copy and Get the Kindle Version FREE Buy Now How will this Book help you? This book will take you from beginner to an Echo Show EXPERT in less that 60 MINUTES You will setup Echo Show and start using all your Smart Devices and Applications EFFORTLESSLY   You will learn all the latest ADVANCED HACKS known to Expert Echo Show Users And most of all you will SAVE HOURS running errands and you will control your home and work life from a simple voice command Alexa How is this Book Different?  This book is a HOW TO guide to maximise your ALEXA and Echo Show experience It has ACTIONABLE tips tricks and hacks It contains specific step by step instructions that are well organised and easy to read After reading this book you will  Stream Music and Read Books on Echo Show Control your Home Appliances using Echo Show Setup IFTTT recipes for Advanced Hacks Use Alexa Skills to AUTOMATE your errands and Routines Make ECHO Show your Smart Personal Assistant SHOP on for DIGITAL and PHYSICAL products WAKE up to your favourite cup of COFFEE PROGRAM Show to control your Thermostat Lights and DOOR LOCKS Get the latest CUSTOMISED Weather Traffic and News Updates OPEN Google Docs and SIGN IN to your SLACK account UPDATE your CALENDAR TODO and SHOPPING list Get ALEXA to tell you a JOKE GET the latest SCORES from your FAVOURITE TEAMS Use 100 PRE TESTED COMMANDS and Easter Eggs Don't hesitate pick up your copy NOW by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page Buy the Paperback Copy and Get the Kindle Version FREE Buy Now A Personal Note from the Author I am a hardware enthusiast and love to play with devices In fact figuring out all kinds of mechanical and electronic devices and understanding how they work has been a lifelong passion for me Recently I came across this new revolutionary set of voice controlled Alexa Devices and love the freedom it gives me

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    Basic infoNothing I didn't already discover from the website A little disappointing I was hoping for something that have examples of use

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    Alex's bookVery interesting read helped out a lot with little things problems will keep book in library handy to check things with