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From New York Times Bestselling Author Suzanne Young Comes A Heartrending New Novel About A Girl Struggling To Deal With Anger Issues While Taking Care Of Her Younger Brother With Special NeedsAnger Management Issues Thats How They Classified Savannah Sutton After She Stuck A Pencil In Her Ex Boyfriends Hand Because He Mocked Her Little Brother, Evan, For Being Disabled Thats Why They Sent Her To Brooks Academyan Alternative High School Thats Used As A Temporary Detention Center The Days At Brooks Are Miserable, But At Home, Life Is Farbleak Savvys Struggling To Take Care Of Her Brother Since Her Mom Left Years Ago, And Her Alcoholic Dad Cant Be Bothered Life With Evan Is A Constant Challenge, But Hes Also The Most Important Person In The World To Savvy Then Theres Cameron, A New Student At Brooks With Issues Of His Own A Guy From A Perfect Family That Savvy Thought Only Existed On TV Cameron Seems Determined To Break Through Every One Of The Walls Savvys Built Around Herself, Except If She Lets Herself Trust Him, It Could Make Everything Shes Worked So Hard For Fall Apart In An Instant And With Her Aunt Seeking Custody Of Her Brother And Her Ex Boyfriend Seeking Revenge, Savvys Fighting To Hold All The Pieces Together But Shes Not Sure How Much Tighter She Can Be Pulled Before She Breaks Completely

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