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Just an absolute charming young adult story Slow burn, sweet, romantic, fun and funny.Very easy reading, this author shows SO much skill and talent I have loved everything I have read so far, and am super excited for his next romantic pairing.Such a great voice.I hope Simon James Green has a stab at a New Adult romance sometime I d love to read about characters in their twenties This author s voice would be fantastic for it. Very cute and fun Liked all the characters Getting the two mains together took too long and Alex s dad and stepmom seemed a bit too one note Why is the dad so cool about Alex s sexuality and so clueless about Kendra This is a minor flaw though Overall funny and sweet with some nice life lessons thrown in. If Simon James Green is the voice of the YA author who can get past mainstream prejudice in regard to LGBT content, then we could do a helluva lot worse.I loved Green s two Noah books, and liked his new anti hero, Alex Button, just as much I think the overall story in this one an awkward, shy, unhappy gay teen looks for romance in a run down amusement arcade in his one horse English seaside town is less powerful than Noah s tale, but the quick wit and carefully calibrated teenage idiocy is both convincing and touching.What makes this book particularly interesting is the whodunnit mystery wrapped up inside Alex s lonely quest for love There is some slightly heavy handed villainy here, in the person of Kendra, Alex s evil stepmother Then again, the heavy handedness might come entirely from Alex s rather comical persecution complex I did feel it was a little too easy to dislike Kendra, who could have been asubtle personification of a type On that same note, Alex s father should have had a littleto do, because his presence is weaker than I think Green intended.Alex s new found group of friends at Wonderland, however, is as charming and interesting as one could want They are really the focus of this story, as they encourage and support Alex to help him see his own potential and let go of his woe is me approach to life.It s important for writers like Green to keep producing books like this These books will reach bigger audiences and keep making things better. This was a lovely book I picked up to read on vacation and it was perfect I couldn t put it down I was immediately invested in Alex s life and found him such a relatable, dear character.All the characters were engaging and interesting, true individuals and not simply stereotypes or archetypes It was really lovely to see the diversity and uniqueness of the cast.The story grabbed me and kept me interested It was well paced and truly flowed well.I cannot tell you how many times I laughed out loud Probably multiple times in the first four chapters enough so that my daughter demanded to know what was so funny and I couldn t even read the passage that had me going because I was laughing too hard That in itself is worth a five star review The plot had all the best things comedy, fluff, misunderstanding, mystery, angst, suspense, and romance All brilliantly executed and seamlessly flowing from one to the other.I m likely older than most readers of this book but I can assure you its wonderful for teens up through adults It s so relatable and accessible and fun My daughter demanded to read it as soon as I was finished with it, based solely on how much I laughed while reading it.It s so funny Laugh out loud funny.I m excited to read other books by this author Can t recommend this highly enough it s such an enjoyable read. A Novel That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud One Minute, And Swooning The Next Simon James Green Is One Of The Most Hilarious, Heart Flippingly Romantic, Charmingly Observant Writers In The Game Right Now Becky Albertalli, Author Of Love, Simon In The Town Of Newsands, Painfully Shy Alex Is Abandoned By His Two Best Friends For The Summer But He Unexpectedly Lands A Part Time Job At Wonderland, A Run Down Amusement Arcade On The Seafront, Where Hegets To Know The Other Teen Misfits Who Work There Alex Starts To Come Out Of His Shell, And Even Starts To Develop Feelings For Co Worker Ben Who, As Alex S Bad Luck Would Have It, Has A Girlfriend Then As Debtors Close In On Wonderland And Mysterious, Threatening Notes Start To Appear, Alex And His New Friends Take It On Themselves To Save Their Declining Employer But, Like Everything In Wonderland, Nothing Is Quite What It Seems