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Often off limits to the public abandoned photography offers a glimpse into the beautiful urban ruins that are left behind New Orleans faced a daunting reconstruction after having endured one of the worst storms ever on record in 2005 Hurricane Katrina caused levees to fail releasing billions of gallons of water throughout New Orleans and surrounding parishes The catastrophic flooding destroyed or damaged over 200000 homes and displaced than 800000 citizens Fourteen years after the storm there are still thousands of abandoned properties across the city As the neighborhoods rebuild many historic structures become renovated demolished or simply forgotten In Abandoned New Orleans photographer Leland Kent provides an extraordinary look at eight historic and abandoned locations From a hospital where patients and staff were trapped during the storm to a long forgotten Nazi internment camp and the first high school built for African American students Each chapter gives an in depth look at these places accompanied by a gallery of stunning imagery You can find of Leland's work at wwwabandonedsoutheastcom

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    Loved learning about my hometown The accompanying photos were hauntingly beautiful