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When Garrett Lynch bursts the glittering Raynewood ballroom a Wild mail a hapless footman clinging to each powerful arm Lucinda Devering is eually appalled and impressed How uncivilised How barbaric How stirringly strong and manly Then she learns he's the long lost heir of the Duke of Raynewood–and that it's her job to transform him into a proper Englishman And if she fails this impossible task the duke will reveal her desperate secret ruining her foreverLucinda Devering may be the loveliest woman Garrett's laid eyes on but her eternal rules and regulations about proper behaviour are enough to drive a man mad Which should he believe? That stiff spine or those soft curls and big brown eyes? One thing is certain that lush prissy mouth needs loosening up–and he knows just the way to do it But soon he wonders which is important winning this game or winning Lucinda's hand?

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    Formulaic cheesy funny entertaining with a loveable hH who have a sweet and searing chemistryA hot rakish pirate H who wants to bed but not wed and a prudish widow of the unawakened kind who tries to keep him at an arm’s length What are his chances? And what are her chances really Okay I didn't want to like it but I did With spoilers The ‘barbaric’ piratetrader captain H is the heir apparent to a dukedom and wants nothing of it? I sneered Yeah yeah But he surprises by being true to his word and returning to Boston a 'city just like London' dragging the till then digging her dainty heels in the London soil h with himOkay to the beginning So he makes this spectacular entry at his uncivilised piratanical best during a party at his hated and never seen before grandfather’s place to drag back his errant and escaped from Boston sister The sister has other ideas the grandfather has some other ideas The guests have no idea at all And they gape The h intervenes in her prim and cool way calmly dragging ordering the trio to private environs She is a penniless homeless widow who has been ‘employed’ a sensitive word for her by the old duke to mentor and polish his American granddaughter I hated the old coot by the way for repeatedly blackmailing the h He told her he’d pay her dead husband’s debts if she polishes up has granddaughter but keeps changing his conditions and then threatening to throw the h out without a penny if she doesn’t comply Why she didn’t call him out on it or even tell the H about it I don’t knowAfter deciding to stay on as the sister refuses to leave just then the H immediately starts pursuing the h for entertainment and He flirts she ignores he advances she feints he lures she gets curious and gets caught Their banter is full of double entendre and is fun to read So the once ruined young girl hurriedly married off and neglected for years widow is actually husband hunting for a staid fellow but gets entangled with a wild untameable beast Oh it was fun to readEnter the villain who’s not unknown to the h After all she had once loved him some ten years ago He almost ruined her and then hid behind his father who refused to let his heir marry an unsuitable girl Her admiral father threatened and the man offers his younger son That was sad and heartbreaking The h and her husband mutually decide to live separate lives She alone he with his various mistresses He died recently leaving her in debt and potential ruin again The villain over the years has been unsuccessfully trying to seduce her But she hates him and now even fears him as he dogs her every stepSo things hurry up towards an expected ending but the book has some surprises Kidnappings and duels and a going away hea Sigh I won’t mind sailing away into a sunset with this pirate

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    Enjoyable romance where prim and proper English widow meets a charming and teasing American sea captain heir to a dukedomI have just recently discovered Debra Mullins' books and of the three of hers that I have read so far A Necessary Husband is my favorite The other two I read were Just One Touch which I liked and would recommend and Scandal of the Black Rose which I didn't and wouldn'tSUMMARYAt the age of 18 Lucinda Northcott let her foolish trust and young love for Malcolm Devering Viscount Arndale lead her to an indiscretion and an unhappy marriage When her father General Northcott discovers she and Malcolm embracing he insists that the proper thing be done Arndale's father the Earl of Witting does not want his heir to marry the daughter of a mere general however and so instead plans are made for her to marry Malcolm's younger brother Harry The marriage is a loveless one and after the first year Lucinda and Harry lead separate lives no longer sharing a house nor a marriage bedWhen the story takes place Lucinda is 29 years old and has been a widow for a year her husband having died in a scandalous manner in his mistress' bed Ever since the fateful night of her indiscretion Malcolm has pursued her with an almost obsessive fervor wanting to finish what they started despite the fact that she became his sister in law Harry's death left behind a mountain of debts that Lucinda has no way to repay having already sold their country home her widow's pension and almost all their worldly goods By rights Malcolm should pay the debts since he was Harry's brother but he blackmails Lucinda and says he won't pay them until she becomes his mistress Lucinda will do anything to avoid this fate Society knows nothing of what triggered Lucinda's marriage to Harry nor does the ton know that she is financially destitute all they see is a woman whose husband's behavior was shameful and who is thought of as a paragon of dignified propriety an image she has done much to cultivate ever since her recklessly giving in to passion led to her unhappy marriage This reputation has led the Duke of Raynewood to hire her to help with the come out of his newly arrived American granddaughter Meg Lynch 22 he didn't so much hire her as blackmail her saying that if she doesn't help in making Meg a success he will let people know about her financial situation; if she does succeed however he will pay off Harry's debtsCaptain Garret Lynch 30 wants nothing to do with his grandfather from whom his family has been estranged all his life ever since his father married his mother a young Irish woman whom the Duke didn't approve of and moved to America However he has no choice but to sail for England when news of his mother's death reaches him while he is on one of his six ships for he learns that following their mother's death Meg left America to meet the grandfather they have never known He intends to go there pick up his sister and depart immediately however even the best laid plans can go awry Though neither the Duke nor Meg seem tos happy with his arrival once they learn why he is there Garrett is focused on the attractive prim and proper young widow who is residing with them Mrs Lucinda Devering The Duke's older son has died without heirs leaving Garrett as his only chance to continue the family line and although the sea captain is determined to spurn his English heritage and remain American through and through the Duke is eually determined to see otherwise and adds him as one of Lucinda's charges not much teaching really occurs and although the back summary leads one to believe that's what their interactions mainly consist of at the beginning it's not accurateAnd so the battle begins for what is a handsome and charming American sea captain to do when faced with a proper and reputation obsessed young English woman but try to seduce her? The battle of wits and teasing that takes place between Lucinda and Garrett is highly entertaining and they do have chemistry though IMO this is not Mullins' strong suitCOMMENTS praise and criticism Lady Agatha the Duke's sister is a great character and definitely adds to the book; I wish that she had had a larger role as I would have liked to see of her Malcolm is an effective and well done villain Mullins often includes a secondary romance and the one in this book was entertaining and had great potential but Lady Penelope was a vapid boring and somewhat mindless character which what a surprise detracted from it I'm highly partial to epilogues and Mullins never includes them; since her novels end somewhat too abruptly for me they could definitely be useful I was extremely bothered by Lucinda's determination to marry in order to secure her future and her opinion that she has no other options When Garrett points out that she is being somewhat mercenary and could always work she responds that that would ruin her family's name and reputation very irksome Fortunately part of the evolution of the story is her transformation in realizing that society's opinion and one's so called reputation should not be uppermost in her mind and finally decides they are not as important as she once thought them to beSIMILAR BOOKSOther historical romances that use the theme of the heroine having to teach or instruct the hero in some manner though like I said this book shouldn't really fall into that category include The Proposition by Judith Ivory Where Dreams Begin by Lisa Kleypas and Rules of Surrender Governess Brides Book 1 by Christina Dodd three of my favorite historical romances of all time; and My Fair Temptress Governess Brides Book 7 by Christina Dodd the only one of these books I have not yet readBOTTOM LINEA Necessary Husband is an enjoyable read and I would recommend it I hate to add a but but lol In the three Debra Mullins books I have read even though I found two of them enjoyable there is a certain spark an indescribable something that I find missing in her work The relationships she writes do not have the depth or complexity that I prize in Mary Balogh's work nor do they have the chemistry and sensuality that I love in Lisa Kleypas' I love these types of plots though kind of on the shelf woman who thinks she's unattractive is charmed and teased by straight forward rogue so I would say that this book is definitely worth a weekend afternoon

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    Great writer I enjoyed this book

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    would give 0 stars if possible

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    Lucinda is kind of working for the Duke of Raynewood to bring his estranged granddaughter out into society In return for the granddaughter Meg making a good match the Duke will pay off her dead husband's debts that she's been left with Garrett Lynch the Duke's estranged grandson shows up to haul his sister back to Boston since he wants nothing to do with England or his grandfather But he spies Lucinda discovers she's a widow and figures she's fair game for seduction But Lucinda has plans to marry as soon as she finds a suitor and cannot be burdened with the scandal that such an affair would cause So even though she's sure she wants Garrett she cannot afford to let her desires have control Especially since Garrett has made it clear he doesn't want marriage and he certainly has no intention of hanging around England any longer than it takes to convince his sister to return with him I'm torn on this I liked Lucinda and that she was willing to stick to her guns The relationship between Garrett and Lucinda was fairly interesting and pretty passion filled Even though Garrett was something of an immature womanizer who selfishly pursued what he wanted I could still see why Lucinda would find him attractive and endearing I did struggle to like Garrett for those reasons actually It irked me that despite Lucinda making it uite clear what she wanted and didn't want that Garrett had difficulty hearing it Or at least respecting it At one point when another man appeared to be pursuing Lucinda Garrett actually got territorial but not because he had feelings but because he'd staked a claim before he did so he figured he'd get her in his bed first Which was pretty despicable I most definitely appreciate that Lucinda managed to drive home a point that really needed to be made using his sister as an example Lucinda asks him if a guy was interested in making her Meg his mistress this way whether it'd be okay He say that of course not because Meg is worth than that To which she responds And I'm not? Touche and well played It's really only the last 5% of the book that it went downhill The sort of shenanigans at the end where Malcolm is concerned was a bit too dastardly to feel realistic but it pales in comparison to how abruptly this book ends This desperately needed an epilogue Still a solid 3 book and I'll most likely be giving this author another read

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    I sat down to read this book and was finished just over three hours later During that time I was completely involved with the characters and the storyA NECESSARY HUSBAND is than just a story between a man and a woman although Lucinda and Garrett are worthy adversaries in the game of love It's a story about a man coming to terms with his past and facing the possibilities of his future It's also a story about a woman determined to restore the honor she feels she's lost due to a youthful folly These insights into Garrett and Lucinda's personalities add depth to a well crafted plot and make this typical Regency story anything but typicalThough the story line is somewhat typical of a Regency Debra Mullins keeps it fresh through the relationships of several of her key characters especially the lead protagonists Lucinda's vow to never cause harm to her family name after the way her father looked at her in 1805 battles with her desire to make love with the wild Garrett whose attitude is damn the torpedoes full speed ahead in his uest Regency readers will find A NECESSARY HUSBAND a charming read that never steps out of the boxThis is an engaging tale of an American heir to a dukedom Garrett Lynch Maruess of Kelton unwillingly being forced to acknowledge his title and a poverty stricken widow of respectable birth Lucinda Devering who is guiding his sister through a London season The story flowed very comfortably and kept me interested all the way to its happy conclusionThe passion between the main characters seemed very real and not at all forced The hero was very intriguing and came with genuine obstacles to a happy ending just falling into place Our heroine also came with her fair share of problems including a lecherous relative in sexual pursuit of herThe book read very smoothly and enjoyably Wonderful passion between the leads many engaging secondary characters and believable circumstances that prevent complete happiness until the ending all contributed to make this a very worthwhile readI thoroughly recommend this novel

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    Lucinda yang menjadi janda mendapati dirinya terlilit hutang2 suaminya sayangnya kakak iparnya yang seorang earl menolak membantunya menutup hutang2 tersebut kecuali jika Lucinda bersedia menjadi simpanannya Lucinda memilih mencari sendiri jalan keluarnya dengan membantu duke Raynewood mengajar etiket kepantasan dalam masyarakat bangsawan Inggris pada cucunya yang berasal dari Amerika Meg sayangnya kakak Meg Garret sekaligus pewaris gelar duke kakeknya menentang kemauan sang kakek dan adiknya sendiri ia bertekad untuk membawa adiknya kembali ke Amerika Ketika ia bertemu dengan Lucinda ia akhirnya mau bersikap lunak dan bersedia tinggal di Inggris selama Season bagi adiknya dengan tujuan agar bisa merayu LucindaLucinda menolak segala rayuan Garret ia bahkan terus terang mengatakan ia sedang mencari suami Meskipun garret tidak berniat menikah ia tetap bertekad mengejar Lucinda untuk mejadi kekasihnya kemudian ia mesti berhadapan dengan seorang pesaing seorang kawan lama ayah lucinda berniat untuk menikahi gadis itu belum lagi kakak ipar lucinda yang licik juga berniat untuk memiliki lucindanampaknya debra mullin tidak mau terlalu repot memberikan narasi yang memadai ia lebih suka menggambarkan keadaan para tokohnya dengan dialog ada beberapa hal lucu digambarkan di sini semisal kekesalan Garret yang tidak biasa berurusan dengan seorang valet pelayan pribadi dimana tugasnya salah satunya memakaikan pakaian pada masternya sayangnya ending ceritanya terkesan seperti sebuah cerpen dan masih banyak hal yang sepertinya belum terselesaikan

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    Lucinda Devering’s future rides on the success of her protégée young Meg Lynch The Duke of Raynewood has hired Lucinda to train his American granddaughter to fit in with the nobility and position due her as a lady However Meg’s sea captain brother shows up with other plans He wants to take Meg home to Boston but delays their voyage at his sister’s pleas In the meantime the Duke instructs Lucinda to tame this ruffian who is his only heir Can Lucinda accomplish this difficult task when Garrett Lynch makes her heart beat faster and her hidden desires flare into life? Garrett finds himself drawn to his sister’s mentor against his will He doesn’t want to like this life in England or take his role as Lord Kelton But the longer he stays the deeper the danger that Lucinda will tempt him to remain

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    I don't read cheesy romance I read A Necessary Husband