Epub Thomas J. Misa ñ A Nation of Steel The Making of Modern America 1865 1925 ñ

From the age of railroads through the building of the first battleships from the first skyscrapers to the dawning of the age of the automobile steelmakers proved central to American industry building and transportation In A Nation of Steel Thomas Misa explores the complex interactions between steelmaking and the rise of the industries that have characterized modern America A Nation of Steel offers a detailed and fascinating look at an industry that has had a profound impact on American life

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    Thomas Misa's account of how the Steel industry rose to prominence in the years of 1865 1925 is a masterful telling of the all American story Steel was crucial for the development of this country from the transcontinental railroad to the automobile The steel industry was dependent upon these contracts in order to grow It was a highly centralized system in which the railroad presidents personally dealt with the negotiations After the railroads newer and stronger steels were produced using the open hearth furnace as opposed to Bessemer so that stronger steel could be used in buildings The rise of the skyscrapers literally reinvigorated the entire industry This was followed by an increase in armor through the naval build up in the World War 1 era The steel industry would reach its height during this time after suffering economic hardship from the panic of 1893 Finally the automobile would be the key to it all and bring about a new era of steel production This book is well written and executed perfectly Highly recommend for those who want to learn about the steel industry This book does not go much past 1925 and only briefly addresses the uestion as to why the steel industry collapsed

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    An interesting subject well to me at least but a poorly written account of the steel industry from the railroad age to the dawn of the automobile industry The author goes into excruciating detail at times but still leaves out crucial technical information Maybe I was disappointed in part because I was interested in the technical side of the steel industry not the business side