MOBI Î A Living Hell Four Horsemen MC #9 Epub ✓ A Living

Justice is a dead man In ways than one While he might not have given the last full measure of devotion to his country he came damn close to it He might walk and talk a good game but he’s been dead a long time Nothing and no one can help him And every evening the nightmares take him right back to Afghanistan The only thing that brings him any satisfaction is a little weed and meting out his specialtyjustice on behalf of the Four Horsemen MCEtta May is a social worker and she’s seen than her fair share of pain and heartbreak in this life She can't resist helping someoneeven if he's stubborn than a mule and refuses to admit he needs her Etta May finds her professional boundaries crumbling when it comes to the wounded biker Can she bring him back to life?

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    This is actually Cold Blood Lone Star Mobster Book 4