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Focusing on the mental emotional and spiritual aspects of our relationship with food and exercise this book shows how readers can make this a healthy partnership that brings permanent change It speaks from author's experience as she identifies with the reader struggling with food addiction

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    This book is AMAZING I am a fan of the show the Biggest Loser and the author Amy Parham was on Season 6 of Biggest Loser so that is one of the reasons I was drawn to read this book Amy talks about her downfalls when she was a Fat Girl and her Triumphs as a Fit Girl She lets the reader knows lots of the changes that a Fat Girl goes through on the road to becoming a Fit Girl and how to keep those changes for life This book is written from a Christian perspective and I really enjoyed that part of it also AMAZING book I highly recommend it

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    Would have been a much better book without all the references to God

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    It was okay The beginning was a lot about Christianity and how the only thing can truly fill you up is God and Jesus and you're filling the hole with food I did not appreciate that because I am spiritual and believe in many religions Some of her insights later on were helpful because she opened up about her personal life Just a little too Christian based for me

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    Not a bad book but not awesomely amazing either I expected a lot talk about the author's time on The Biggest Loser but I came away sorely disappointed The book was very heavy with spirituality which I wasn't prepared for but was okay with I also liked the uestions for reflections but I was reading an ebook so I couldn't actually write in the spaces Decent book to kick off the new year

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    The author and I have completely different personality types life experiences and careers I couldn't relate to most of the book I did finish it and found the last chapter useful since I have recently lost over 60lb But the over abundance of random Bible verses had me skimming the majority of it

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    Tour Date Thursday February 17th

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    I liked her on the Biggest LoserI figured I could use some inspiration since I suck at dieting

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    The gals in my book study and I enjoyed it for the most part We had a few things that we underlined but it wasn't an overly 'wow' book for us

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    I generally like these books by former Biggest Loser contestants but there's nothing really earth shattering or ground breaking here Total common sense