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    it is goodand remarkable

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    Let me say a bit about this book when I first started reading it is when I started saying wow the way it was written it was captivating The girl Lulit was a great character she was written to be so real her life story was heart touching she became what she became cause of her past and the way she fell in love with her husband was not usual The way her husbands life turn showed me that our life is not what we always plan it to be sometimes life gives us what life want And also his friend was a true inspiration for him and also for a reader to and I wished I could have his this kinda friend And the brother was a true big brother He showed me that big brother are always annoying lol but still he loved his brother and cared for him Let's go to the ending it was unexpected but I liked it considering the time when the book was written it was great book I love the story and also the font size of the book I will recommend this book for all amharic book readers

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    i want to read this book

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    This was a very exciting booki would rrcommend it to in my class